My name is Big Marv. I am a part of many different communities. Over the years, I have met and maintained relationships with people from all walks of life. I’m on a journey to figure out myself, this planet, and why we are here. I know, nothing new right? Everyone is here to serve some purpose. We all have our own plans and problems that we encounter as we live and breath day to day.

This is the story of my adventure through life. It will be filled with stories, fiction and non-fiction. It will have pictures and videos. Anything that I’m working on, my family, my friends. Everything you want to know about Big Marv will be available at your finger tips.

Now I’m typically all over the place, I get busy and sometimes I might not write consistently. You will just have to subscribe and keep checking for updates. I’m doing this to keep track of my spiritual journey. So I can have somewhere that I turn to check where I’m at and where I think I should be in life. It will be interesting to make predictions and see how life unfolds.

It has been a hell of a journey so far. Come along for the ride, I hope you enjoy yourself while you’re here.

One Love,

Big Marv