A Quick Video Going Over The New Funnel And Wave Makers Ambassador Program!

Hey Guys,

Wanted to make a quick video going over the new funnel and Wave Makers Ambassador program. If you’re interested in joining, just download the Personal Brand Blueprint at https://www.breaking100brands.com and click the Ambassador sign up link on the thank you page.

I will be doing training like this every week for the month of April showing you how you can drive traffic and get conversions with this funnel. The best part is, you can apply these same strategies to your own personal brand and scale!

You’ll earn 60% commissions on all sales. Next week, I’m going to be sharing the 100 day email sequence that is responsible for most of our conversions. I’ll be showing you how you can setup the lead magnet and that same sequence so you can collect and nurture your own leads!

If you’re a solo vendor and are interested in running traffic to your list but want to make sure the course aligns with you – I have a special link and sign up for you.

Shoot me a message if you have any questions.

One Love,
Big Marv


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