Funnel/Ad Strategy For Emerald Hair & Beauty

What’s up guys!

Thanks for tuning in, today I’m going to be covering one of our Wave Maker’s funnels.

Her name is Abi, she’s a fantastic gal out of the UK. Her brand is Emerald Hair & Beauty. She has a passion for hair & sharing the best maintenance and hair care with the world. 🌍

We have been running ads for a few weeks, warming up her pixel and showing different offers to her audience. 🔥

I’m going to be diving into her funnels and the ad strategy I’m using to drive traffic to those funnels. 🎯

One of the biggest things I coach my students through is going live on their page daily, creating valuable content for their tribe.

I’ve been slacking lately in that department because all of my time & energy has been used helping these guys make waves. 🌊

I’m starting this daily series where I go live to show off the builds and campaigns I’m coaching them through.

This is to demonstrate that I not only talk the talk, but I will walk the walk too.

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Big Marv

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