The Five-Minute Journal – Day 1: My Commitment and Challenges

My Commitment:

I, Marvin Coffman, commit to writing The Five Minute Journal for at least 5 days in a row, starting 3/13.

Writing this journal is important to me because…

  • I want a better life for my family.
  • I want to be my best self.
  • I am confident it will help me crush my goals.

If I finish 5 days of writing this journal, I will reward myself with…

An Oreo Milkshake

If I don’t finish 5 days of writing this journal, I will promise to…

Do 50 pull-ups in one session.

I will do the following things to ensure that I will do The Five Minute Journal every day:

  • Get up to my alarm
  • Write my journal on my show
  • Share my journal with Jenn
  • Keep my journal by my bed
  • Set a daily task to write
  • Share my journal on my blog


What is your biggest challenge?

Starting and finishing projects in a timely manner

Your identity statement:

I bring dreams to reality with technology by executing writing processes daily.

What are three major obstacles that would stop you from writing the journal (morning/night)?

  1. Getting caught up with other tasks
  2. Leaving the journal somewhere
  3. Forgetting about the journal

Write two actions you can take per obstacle to make sure you don’t succumb to laziness.

  1. Integrate the journal into other task
  2. Share journal with someone
  3. Make mental note to keep with me
  4. Keep journal with phone charger
  5. Set alarm on phone
  6. Build into daily routine


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