API? What Are You Even Talking About Right Now?

What’s an API

Have you ever been in a place where you’re completely stuck and can’t move around? 

You started wondering, “what will get me out of this mess?” But what you really need is a bridge that will help you move from that place to your final destination.

And you’ll be free as rainbows in the cloudy sky.

That’s exactly what an API does.

I’m Big Marv, the Automation king.

People have been asking me, “hey Big Marv what’s an API?”

I get slammed by this question frequently that I couldn’t do anything other than to pick up my laptop and WRITE!

So sit tight and hang on for a long ride.

What is an API? 

API is a server that allows you to send data back and forth between two services without any kind of other band AIDS or thing in place. It’s as simple as that.

It’s just like a restaurant. You go there because you want food, but you can’t go to the kitchen directly to get your food. You’ll have to wait for the waiter to come attend to you.

The waiter is the API.

How does an API work?

Have you ever seen how a computer translator works? (I’m sure you have). That’s exactly how an API works

Think of it this way…

We have different social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and more.

YouTube speaks Chinese

Instagram speaks English.

TikTok speaks Italian.

You have data on 3 of these platforms and they don’t know how to talk to each other. They just look at each other and speak gibberish.

But, with an API it’s gonna be on a different level. An API is like a translator in the sky that you can send information from YouTube, and the API translates it and sends it to Instagram for ease and better communication.

With an API, Instagram won’t be looking at YouTube like a dumbass. They’ll be able to communicate together.

API is the accurate way to send data back and forth over services. It’s just like our restaurant scenario.

You want to eat that’s why you went to the restaurant.

But, you can’t just walk into the kitchen and be like “Hey Mr chef, I want a pepperoni pizza.”

That’s where the waiter (API) comes in.  

He’s gonna be the guy who comes to you and gives you a menu then you pick what you want.

Then he’s gonna go to the kitchen and bring your food back to you.

He’s gonna send the data (your order) forth and back accurately. 

How does it help my business?

“Hey Big Marv, how does an API helps my business”

It’s easy and if you’re running any business you need it.

You can’t just be generating leads manually you need an API to help you do it while you are doing other important things.

An API will help you especially if you’re scaling your business online. 

You’ll need to move your business from lead acquisitions to fulfillment.

Guess what? API will make it easy and faster for you.

Let’s say you run Facebook ads to generate leads. You need these hungry leads to help grow your business.

Firstly, they see your ads and are interested, then click on it and they’ll land on your opt-in page.

They fill in their details on your leads form and it leads them to your Active campaign or Automation GOAT platform or whatever CRM you’re using.

The API is just gonna do one job for you. It’ll make your life easier.

You can leverage it to automatically move those leads details so you won’t have to copy and paste every single lead into a Google spreadsheet.

Copying and pasting will burn you out and I’ll leave too much room for human error.

Why not let the API do his job while you relax and take that Fucking break you deserve.


API is simply a server that allows you to send data back and forth between two services without any kind of other band-aids or thing in place.

You can use API to send data from your website, your opt-in or forms,  when people download your ebook, or even your freebie.

How do you get it from your website into your CRM without having to use a spreadsheet and manually do imports and other messy stuff?

Integration with API

Think of it like a computer translator that connect all your platform together 

That’s it, it’s as simple as that.

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One love,

Big Marv


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