Zip, Zap, Zop, Go! What Is A Zap and Why Do People Talk About Zapier So Much?


What’s good?

A question I get asked often is “What is a Zap?”

It’s kinda funny when I think about that question because Zap is just referring to a connection that you use with the platform Zapier.

Do you recall my What Is An API video?? If not, Zapier is a big computer translator “in the sky” that you use to connect different platforms to each other. If you don’t have an inhouse API and/or developer on staff, Zapier is going to be one of the easiest solutions you can use to map your platforms together (i.e Facebook to your CRM, Funnels to your CRM, Funnels to CRM to Google Sheets etc etc).

There are so many different types of connections in Zapier that you use, what they call “Zaps” to zap data from one to the next. While Zapier was the first in the game to do this, there are other platforms out there now, like Integra Mat, Pabbly, N8N and some other platforms that literally do this API integration for you and allows you to connect endpoints to endpoints.

Being that Zapier was the first, it has become a common lingo throughout the industry to just say “Just Zap it” or “Use the Zap”.

I hope this cleared the air for you about “what a zap is”…mystery solved right.

Zap is just lingo for native integrations or webhooks that send data from one place to the next!

Are you zappy now? 😉

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