Bells Mountain Adventure

Today, I decided I wanted to go on a hike with my pup. Moultan Falls is about a 30 minute drive from my place in Vancouver. Off of the main trail, there’s a mountain trail that goes to many places.


I decided I would give it a shot. I read on WTA that there is an incredible view about 1.5 miles up. I figured I would try to at least make it that far. It was a struggle. I started out with wearing my hoodie, a beanie, and gloves. Halfway up the second switchback, I had to stop to take off my hoodie and stuff because I was sweating so goddamn bad. haha I kept going though. My pup and I struggled together all the way to the view point. The snow was deeper that the pup so we decided to turn around and try the top another day.

About a half mile down we encountered a fellow hiker who was on a stump enjoying the incredible view of Mt. Saint Helens. You could see the flat, snow covered peak perfectly in the clear sky. I told him the view was even better up top and he chuckled and invited me to smoke. I, of course, accepted and sat down to enjoy one of mother nature’s finest herbs. During the session of sweet marijuana smoke, we talked about music between passes of the tightly rolled original flavor Swisher. He’s a guy from the east coast so he hadn’t heard of the Funk Volume artists. I introduced him to Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, and Jarren Benton. We listened to Free Meal, which is their diss track for the Horseshoe Gang. Funny story, the hiker knew the Horseshoe group and related to everything in the song. We listened to a few more songs from Jarren Benton’s Slow Motion album then I continued my hike back down the mountain.

The hike up at this point is still fairly icy. I had to take Beauty off the leash because she was trying to run and she kept making me slide down the trail. I found a walking stick and trudged down the rest of the way. We ran into a few more hikers and a couple pups. Beauty was a struggle to keep moving past all the new people but we got back to the bottom. Exhausted, I sat down for a quick snack and water. I ate a banana to get the blood flowing and give me some energy for the half mile hike back to the car.

Funny story about the car, when I first got there, I realized my puppy got sick and pooped in my car. She was excited when we got there so she jumped over the back seat and onto my front seat. Tracking her liquid poop all over my car. I was furious. I was yelling and cursing. I was so upset but I couldn’t be upset at her because the pork bone I gave her is what likely made her sick. I was just frustrated with the situation. I ran over to the port-a-potty and grabbed some tissue and cleaned up my car. I pulled myself together, exhaled the anger and started the hike.

This is a beautiful adventure, with views of a rushing river and wildlife. Its great fun for hikers of all athletic levels. I plan on coming back to make it along some of the longer and tougher trails. Good thing this place is so close to me, I love the PNW!


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