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What’s good?!


We’re continuing to shift our focus on being interviewed by your peers. Once you’ve secured an interview(s) be sure to leverage it by sharing the interview(s) wherever you can! But lets not get ahead of ourselves…


We’ve talked about the importance of networking, of building strong connections, how many contacts you have on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn?


It’s important because the more people you know, the faster you can make business.


In this phase, you will shift your focus to being interviewed by other experts in your field.


Try to set up as many interviews as you can.


By now you should have a decent sized network of people in your industry! Once you secure your first, leverage it by sharing the interview wherever you can. In the days you don’t have an interview to share, talk about what’s happening in your day.


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As always, I provide a worksheet in my Personal Brand Blueprint to help make the process a little easier! Head over to to download a digital version of the Personal Brand Blueprint.


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