Imaginations Can (AND WILL) Become Realities With Hard Work And Dedication

If you can perceive it in your mind, you can create it in the physical world. That is the beauty and mystery of our existence.

This article has one simple goal. The goal is to challenge you to think just a little bigger. You can use your imagination to create a whole new existence for yourself. 

This all sounds exciting, but there is a method to this beautiful madness. You can’t expect to imagine ice cream, and it appears before you, can you? That is simply not the way it works.

If you are committed to creating a new reality, solve problems, and make your life better using the power of imagination, start with your clarity. 

What is clarity?

Clarity is simply knowing your outcome. It is a simple concept but complex in action. Knowing your outcome starts with asking yourself what it is you want to begin with. What will make you happy? What will make you fulfilled? 

Picture it in your mind. Is it a beautifully designed home in the suburbs? Is it a lovely vacation cabin in the mountains? Is it a Lamborghini? One for you and one for your significant other?

Whichever the case, think about it deeply and imagine what that success would really look like in your mind. 

To make the goal even clearer, get a pen and paper and write them down. Feel free to get down to the fine details. Do you want a Lambo? What is the color of your Lambo, the key ring, and the place it will go? Create a vision board to get a visual of your imagination. 

Do you want a powerful brand? Who do you want to serve? Which problems will you be solving? How will you be doing it? Visualize all these.  

Go big or go home 

It’s almost like the title of the old American author’s song. Are you afraid of imagining a life you cannot afford with your current account balance?

Sorry but that is already limiting your outcome. The imagination world is unlimited. You are free to imagine the marvelous things you can possibly perceive. 

That is the beauty of the process in itself. You don’t have to stop where your pocket, fuel, or geography stops. Elon Musk is a great example of boundless imagination. He is trying to achieve what has not been done before. Something that requires a lot of imagination to conquer. 

I’m not asking you to go to mars. If you want, by all means, imagine a solution. I’m simply asking you to imagine a world where the weight you carry most heavily has been lifted off. Imagine a life where you can go where you want, live how you please, and live on your terms. Isn’t that a life of freedom? It is.  

Don’t let your mind bully you into settling for what you have been given. You can be so much more. Happier, rich, independent, famous, educated, and fit. There is no limit to what more you could become. 

Everything is a product of someone’s imagination

I hate to break it to you, but that lovely little joint you swear is your city’s best-kept secret is a product of someone’s imagination.

That painting you are willing to pay thousands of dollars for is a product of someone’s imagination.

Do you see that vacation spot that was made just for you? Someone had to imagine it first and create it so that you can pay to visit. 

Every fantastic thing you love about where you are from, your hobbies, your favorite movie, even that coffee you can’t start your day without, yup, someone imagined it.

What have you imagined? 

There is no need to be hard on yourself. There’s plenty of imagination to go around. We create our reality by literally imagining it.

That is the power of imagination. It is as simple as it is powerful. Imagination is the stuff that builds our world. The more refined your imagination is, the more refined your life becomes. 

It is the way we attract what we want. If you already have a clear idea of what you want, the solutions present themselves to you in ways that feel coincidental. It is the red car syndrome; it is easy to spot a red car when you are always thinking about a red car. 

Review your imaginations like you would your progress

We say a garden is well-manicured or landscaped because the weeds have been removed, and the remaining plants have formed and are intentionally placed.

It is beautiful when you do the work to maintain the lush and appealing look until you enjoy a mature garden.  

The same case applies to our imaginations. We all have self-limiting thoughts. We all have habits we entertain that we can very well do without. We all have a vanity that we are hopelessly attached to. It is how we are built; perfectly impaired. 

Does the path we are imagining lead us to more fulfillment? Does it lead to better balance? Does it merely feed our ego and does nothing more?

Once you are familiar with your imagination’s outcome, it becomes easy to pull your mind into the zones that genuinely matter, and we are back to creating a reality we will love. 


There really is no need to keep giving examples because it is pretty clear that you can achieve anything you imagine. It is the way to create solutions, and it is how we create great things from seemingly nothing.

We are all equipped with everything we need to thrive, and that alone is more than enough. So be bold, be curious, imagine without limitation because the world is yours to conquer. 

Tap in with the Wavemakers and let your imagination run wild. 

One Love, 

Big Marv


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