NOW Is The Time To Live Up To Your Potential

Time to understand who you really are. It’s by learning our strengths, abilities, and weaknesses that we can live up to that.

Most of the entrepreneurs aren’t stretching beyond their comfort zone. They are trapped there and feel there is no way out.

Some are chasing money, something that you can never satisfy. The best feeling in life is when you know you did your best in anything. It’s when you live up to your potential.

How are you doing this?

It doesn’t matter the business you are in. The most important thing is to give your best in it. Imagine doing something and realizing you could have done better and achieved greater results. That feeling sucks!

We all have a superpower

You have a superpower. Everyone was created with a set of talents and abilities. That’s why there is someone who can run faster than you. There is someone else who can swim better than anybody else in the world.

However, you might be good at marketing. It’s the differences in talents, skills, and abilities that bring humanity together.

Think about it, if we were all the same, who would want another person? Nobody. So, we all have our superpower. It might be inbuilt or just learned.

If we want to live up to our potential, then we need to master this. It might take several attempts of failure to understand what you are really good at. However, keep looking, as with all the heart matters, you will know when you find it.

Let people know your superpower    

I’m often approached by people who want me to fix their computers. I even sometimes help them virtually.

Others want to automate their business processes. Since I’m so good at automation, I often get referrals from my clients, students, and other people in my circle.

I have achieved a lot after realizing my superpower. It’s what I focus on now, and it gives me the greatest sense of satisfaction.

The point is, you need to be a go-to person for the people in your circle who know your superpower. That has a lot to do with understanding what you can deliver and living up to your potential.

How can you do this?

Here are a few tips:

Develop goals

The first thing to do if you want to live up to your potential is to develop powerful goals. If you don’t have goals, you will lack the motivating factor that can catapult you to the front of the race.

Goals give your life a sense of purpose and direction such that you won’t be drifting away. I talked about setting SMART business goals. Check out the article.

Goals are the guidelines to guide you when working out your action plan. They help to keep you consistent and focused.

If you don’t have goals, you won’t know what to do to live up to your potential. You won’t know when to spread your wings and fly.

So, set goals today. That’s the first step to your full potential.

Practice discipline

Nothing great has ever been achieved without a strong sense of self-discipline. Yes, it should be inbuilt. You see, becoming someone great is not about knowing a lot of things; it’s just mastering your superpower, controlling your character, and living up to your potential.

The most important of it all is your character. Whatever you think about becomes what you do. What you do every day becomes your habit, which creates your character.

The discipline you develop through acting on your goals every day will enable you to live up to your potential and reach your goals faster.

Sometimes, you just need to show up. Even when things are appearing frail, a strong sense of self-discipline will help to get things going. 

Go beyond the obvious

It’s good to be unique. Everybody likes unique things. If you are like everyone else, people won’t find a reason to hire you.

But if you are unique and go beyond the obvious, you will have more clients and grow your brand faster.

It’s just like anything rare. If you have a rare skill, who wouldn’t want to hire you? People will make a kill for your services or products. Nike is a unique brand; that’s why almost everyone likes Nike shoes.

But suppose you are just an ordinary marketer, following set patterns and systems established by others before you? You will always be a follower and not a leader; leaders break the norm and set the pace for others.

They innovate and bring solutions to the marketplace. As a result, they get a following, which makes them rich.

Don’t let anybody’s opinion become your reality

The worst mistake you can make as an entrepreneur trying to live up to your potential is to allow others’ opinions to shape your reality.

The moment you learn to cut through the noise and play the game you have always wanted, you will achieve much more.

There are so many who break world records because they never let others’ opinions cloud their way. Some have invented cars that were thought never to be impossible.

Guess what?

Just because someone said something is impossible shouldn’t make you think it really is impossible. Maybe they just said that based on their research, which might also have flaws.

Develop a strong sense of self-confidence

Confidence will take you places. A huge chunk of confidence has to do with understanding your business landscape. 

But you see, self-confidence is inbuilt. Nobody knows it all. And what you don’t know, you can always ask. Everybody is always somewhere in their entrepreneurship journey.

The moment you know your position, who you are serving, and how you will be serving them, self-confidence kicks in.   

Self-confidence will allow you to live up to your potential.

And if you want it even better, get my 100 Days Blueprint; it has a lot to do with developing the real you and building upon that. And guess what? The Blueprint is FREE!  

One Love, 

Big Marv


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