It Must Be Christmas!

What’s good?!


It’s time to identify yourself as a PRO and a Value Giver!


During this 10 Day Dash, you will be hitting your audience with value bomb after value bomb! 


Give so much value, that people can’t help but start to realize what they are missing! Like this! Check out how we are giving value:


I have HUNDREDS of videos on YouTube dropping straight gold. https:/


Make a list of all the problems you and your audience experience and look for a way to solve each one! Be prepared for the next few days.


Remember to touch on the points that your audience has told you they want to learn about your area of expertise. Post it in groups. Start with Wavemakers with Big Marv


As always, I provide a worksheet in my Personal Brand Blueprint to help make the process a little easier! Head over to to download a digital version of the Personal Brand Blueprint.


One Love,

Big Marv


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