Overcome Any Obstacle By Handling Pressure As An Entrepreneur

I know that you are under pressure. Otherwise, you won’t be reading this blog. So, how are you handling it?

Before I teach you how I do it and how you can do it, the bottom of the matter is entrepreneurship is lonely and stressful.   

Entrepreneurship demands that you be responsible for all your actions and decisions. It’s unlike employment, where you are assured of a salary at the end of the month

You are the pilot of the whole project. And if that’s your primary source of income, then you know how the pressure mounts upon you. You can either struggle to make it work or choose to throw in a cold towel and call it quit.

And that right there differentiates those who make it and those that don’t. Yes, it is how you handle the pressure that determines the success of your brand.

Hence, handling pressure is not just a necessity but a requirement when launching your brand.

How I do it

I know that we all have goals; they can be personal or business goals.

Whichever goals you have, there is always a greater need to fulfill them. And when you are not getting close to them, there is a lot of pressure.

If you run an online brand like me, you will experience much more pressure. It can be from the students who need you to walk them through a demonstration or clients who like giving hundreds of demands.

These can make you want to abandon everything. I did that with my coaching business. After some time, I realized that coaching was taking a huge chunk of my time.

The decision to drop came when I realized that I was failing in some other key business aspects. And since I wanted to be the king in the automation space, I really needed to do less work and automate the rest.

But if pressure mounts up on you again, breathe out deeply, and strategize and refocus.

What’s the worst that can happen?

The first question I ask myself when under pressure is, “what’s the worst that can happen?” That question seems to give me strength and determination. Yes, it makes you feel that it’s not the end, that you are above everything that’s giving you that pressure.

You may not see this, but you should always come first before everything else. If something is giving you negative energy, do your best to drop it. The moment you preserve positive energy alone, you will have less pressure and a good environment to thrive.

It’s the progress that matters

It’s always okay to make the baby steps. I know sometimes you don’t get as much as you had intended. Your ads keep performing poorly, and someone canceled their membership renewal on your software.

It’s all okay.

Don’t let that pressure take a toll on you. Understand that sometimes we crawl and take giant leaps, too. But as long as there is progress, that’s all that matters. Celebrate the small wins because that heart of gratitude is essential for success.

How you can do it

How do you learn to handle pressure as an entrepreneur? It’s a sure thing that it’s an art you can understand. So, here are a few steps to help you:

Develop a work-life balance

Don’t let work fill all of your days because you may not be productive in the long run. What you need is to strike a balance between work and to do what you like.

There is a huge difference between being busy and being productive. I can say that being productive is striking a balance between the two.

I can work for only three hours a day, accomplish all the goals I had for that day, and spend the rest of the day doing what I like.


It’s all about balancing the two.

Automate your business processes

I have achieved a lot as a result of automating my business processes. Most of what I was doing manually is now automated by the systems I have put in place.

Automation helps save your marketing resources, gives you control over your business processes, and boosts your tasks’ efficiency.

Have you automated your lead acquisition?

If you want to avoid pressure, learn this simple art of automation. It has saved me a ton of stress since systems are more effective than human beings in some situations.

You can even try out a platform I created to achieve this goal. I started it to make work easier for you.

Delegate to elevate

This has always been my mantra, as well. I don’t like doing the work, which I could easily hire someone more skilled than me to do.

For example, I’m not that good in traffic techniques. Instead of working it all out alone and pressuring myself, why not just hire someone good in it to do the work? I could just hire them and get exactly what I wanted. 

They may be a little bit costly, but it has saved me the hassle, and I can make money many times over.

That’s why I like the art of delegation. It doesn’t just save you time, but also creates networking points for you.

Avoid perfectionism

As an entrepreneur, you need to throw perfectionism out of the window. It might seem to make you deliver only the best, but it prevents you from actually getting started.

You may stand there staring at the work in front of you and not lift a finger because you feel you are not ready to deliver what the client wanted.

The end result is you are building up pressure that can cause chaos in the long run. Avoid perfectionism.


To avoid pressure as an entrepreneur, you need to understand the cause of that pressure critically, ask yourself its impact, and proceed to either stop worrying about it or get rid of it.

The end result is we all need a less stressful life as entrepreneurs. But you need to know that a lot of this has to do with handling pressure. But since you read this, you now have the skills. Get rid of that pressure.

Join us in the Wavemakers group and we’d love to help guide you on this journey! 

One Love, 

Big Marv


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