Ask Yourself These Questions Every Day To Get Where You Always Wanted To Be

Where are you currently in your entrepreneurial journey?

Where do you want to go?

Do you sometimes get time to ask and answer these questions? They are essential questions if you can give a comprehensive answer to each of them.

Questions help to shine light on our purpose for living and give us the potential to move through different life levels. 

You can judge a person’s intelligence not by the answers he gives but by the questions he asks. So, if you know the right questions to ask yourself, you are on the right track. These questions help to create a life of significance and purpose.

I realized that I couldn’t do a lot if I didn’t evaluate myself. So, I often took time to ask myself these three questions:

What activities do I need to do to push myself closer to my goals?

I do this every day when I wake up. I’m always thinking about my brand. The growth of my business gives me satisfaction and happiness.

We are in the automation niche. We aim to help as many businesses as possible save time and close more leads leveraging our tools and techniques. That’s why we have the Automation G.O.A.T., the Dual Funnel System, and many mentorship resources geared towards achieving that exact purpose.

That means any time I wake up, I remind myself about the day’s activities and then filter out what doesn’t bring me closer to attaining my goal and handling the essential tasks.

What did I do yesterday that I can improve today?

There are always funnels or clients I was handling the day before. It can be that they weren’t complete because of various reasons. The copy could have had flaws. The integration links may also not be working.

If I did something yesterday and didn’t appear pleased, I often take time to go through the list and answer these questions. There will always be something or somewhere to improve.

You can proofread the copy and correct some words, add more power words, and fix the flow or the tone. You can also work on the graphics, the OTO, and the thank you page. They can always be improved.

The end result is you are boosting sales and growth of your brand.

What can I do to strengthen my superpower?

Apart from handling the clients’ sales funnels, students, answering questions on my Facebook page, there is also something I do almost daily; I research a lot.

That means if I want to be good in automation, I have to master all the aspects of it and not just some of it. So, I constantly research a lot, call people who know a thing or two, then create prototypes.

To stay ahead of the game, I have to hone in on my branding and strategy skills. These are my superpowers. You also have yours.

I always tell my developer that a funnel a day will keep the brain at play. It has proved to be true. That means if he wanted to be an expert in building funnels, he had to spend a few minutes of his day building at least one funnel.  

Here are more questions to ask yourself every day

There are more questions you can ask yourself outside the scope of your business. Here are some of them:

Who I’m I?

Who are you really? I mean, we all know you as Calvin, but who are you? This question requires a comprehensive answer.

If you just say you are Calvin, then that’s just a name. The answer should encompass your core values, weaknesses, strengths, and what you stand for in this life.

Right now, people know me as the automation king. Not many would want to know my real name. That’s a good marketing strategy for me since I don’t have to answer that question when they ask. The name depicts what I do and how well I do it.

Is what I’m doing building on my character?

Your character is essential towards getting what you want in life. So, if what you are doing doesn’t go in line with your character and personality, drop it.

You can build a successful character with time. That means all your actions create a habit, which develops into your character.

What are you doing to build a success-oriented character? Analyze your daily activities and focus on those building your character the most.

I’m I giving my best in my business?

It’s one thing to run your business and another to give your best. Don’t just create those funnels for your clients. Go a step further and ensure they generate at least three times the money they paid.

Similarly, deliver the best to your students. Help them succeed. When you focus on making others successful, they will make you successful.

An entrepreneur needs to give his or her best in any business activity he undertakes. That’s the only way you can turn the company around.

What do I need to be grateful for today?

There is a lot to be grateful for if you look around.

At least you are breathing, have an online business, and learning something from me. You are also putting in a bit of effort. And sure enough, you are moving forward one step at a time.

You may not like where you are now in your business, but you will get to where you wanted faster if you practice the art of gratitude.

Have I made someone’s life better?

There is always something you can do to put a smile on someone’s face. You can even mention their name when you walk past them and give a compliment. You can smile at that shop attendant as you wait for your change.

Ask yourself if you did the little things that matter to humanity. If you haven’t, then there is always room for kindness tomorrow.


These questions help a great deal to refocus our energies into what matters to achieve our life goals. If you haven’t been asking yourself these basic questions, try today. They won’t take much of your time giving a comprehensive answer to each of them.

Hop into the Wavemakers group and ask us some of those burning questions you have!

One Love, 

Big Marv


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