Post Promo Fixes in the Automation G.O.A.T. Platform

I went live in my official Wavemakers group on Facebook to talk about my new promo for the Automation G.O.A.T. Platform – which is my robust business automation software that’s built on the HighLevel backend.

My team and I have spent a few years and a few thousand hours dialing in my Dual Funnel System with this platform. We’ve run over a million dollars in paid advertising behind different systems using my DFS strategy to dial this thing in like a Swiss Army watch.

All new accounts come preloaded with my Dual Funnel System and the video training to walk you through every step. If you ever get stuck, I’m only a Zoom call away!

If you want to join the group so you don’t miss any more lives – click the link below! Wavemakers: Automating Lead Acquisition Using Big Marv’s Dual Funnel System –

Here’s the full excerpt from the post:

So you finished running your promotion and now need to set everything back to normal?

Tune in to go through my quick checklist on what you need to change after running a promotion to your list.

Not using the Automation G.O.A.T. platform yet?

Click the link below to start your free trial today!

One Love,
Big Marv

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