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I wanted to take a moment to give special recognition to my graphic

artist Sheri Allard and her team behind One Love Media. As you all

know, branding is very important to me and when I set out to

recreate the most powerful workbook for personal branding. I

needed a recognizable piece to match.


One Love Media is a group of artists that take the time to create art

by hand that matches you and your brand perfectly. Pixel by pixel,

they create something that is unique and branded for you. You

won’t find any templates or anything used in this workbook, you

won’t even be able to find the fonts because those are hand drawn



That’s why it’s taken months to get the new blueprint together,

because you can’t put a time limit on art. That’s what you get with

this team. Art that lasts multiple lifetimes. I could not be happier

with the new direction and look their team has crafted for my

personal brand. It’s a pixel perfect creation that sums up what it

means to have a powerful personal brand that sets you apart from

the others.


If you are looking for a team that can take your brand to new

heights, look no further than the brilliant minds behind One Love

Media. I hope you guys really enjoy this workbook and it helps make

a difference in your life. I know we had a blast creating it for you all

to consume.


One Love,

Big Marv


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