We Hit Rock Bottom

It’s early evening Saturday night. My love and I are lounging around our apartment, waiting on word from my colleague Dave. He’s a good friend that I met through my adventures at Isomedia in Seattle years ago. We maintained a professional relationship and have become fairly close since then. I mean I slept on his floor, cuddled up to his cat Hemingway, so I believe that pretty much seals the deal on being friends forever.

We got the word to head over so we could start our night on the town. We drove down to Portland, OR. We started walking around the lit up city with the buzz of cars and people surrounding us. We ended up at a place called Rock Bottom Brewery. It’s a fun filled place, with a great happy hour and some pretty good brews. I started out with their sampler flight. It was 5 bucks and it had a shot of each of their house beers that were on tap, along with a super hoppy light ale. I believe it was called Scotty’s. I am a dark beer drinker most of the time, if you can’t see through it, I’ll probably enjoy it.

I don’t find many IPAs that I like, theirs was no exception so I passed that shot over to Dave and enjoyed the others. Their lightest ale was like a delicious, cold, drink of water. As you work through their red ale and darker ales, leading to the great Woodsman, it gets more robust and savory. The Woodsman was a dark, bold, pleasant coffee aroma that washed down my salty nachos perfectly.

Jenn got a hard cider, that she graciously spilled all over the table and myself. Good thing I already finished my beer that she knocked over with it. Can’t take this girl anywhere. haha We cleaned up the mess with the hardly absorbing, black cloth napkins, that the ever so nice waitress left for us earlier in the evening.

Dave and Jez both got soda waters. Jez had some tummy rumblings that made her feel a bit under the weather and Dave is on a health kick and part of that is avoiding alcohol and greasy bar food. Outside of the shot of IPA, he grabbed a simple snack of tortilla chips and house salsa. Jenn ordered house made guacamole that was served with warm tortilla chips. I didn’t try it because it was full of raw onions but Jenn gave it a good review. Jez invited a friend (his name escapes me) but he was a good chap. We connected and talked about similar interests, we ordered the same beer, and shared a plate of delicious nachos. Thanks for the nachos friend!

After we finished our beers and our food. We just talked and caught up for awhile. The conversation switching attention from person to person, then side conversations that were broken up and helped the group just share energy and get to know each other a bit more. As time wore on, our bodies wore out. We decided that it was time to call it a night and headed back to the car. On our way back to the car, we passed a few fellow night travelers and shared a bit of our night story. We got a recommendation for a local pub to check out next time we’re in town then continued to our automobile. We loaded the Subaru up with Dave’s gear and our bodies before we headed back into our city of Vancouver.

We dropped Dave and Jez off at their hotel, said our goodbyes and left for home. We walked in the door, greeted our happy pup, then settled into the living. As I sat down, I looked over to my girl, welcoming the glance of the woman that forever makes me happy. Seeing her face fills me with laughter and love, every day is another adventure for the rest of our lives.


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