What Is Brand Automation And Why Is It Important For Your Business?

What’s good!

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, automating your business just isn’t done correctly. There’s a HUGE gap between the technical requirements to run a fully automated system and the entrepreneur, even if it’s put into simple terms. I know it’s essential that you automate your business processes from marketing your offers, generating leads, and converting them to sales. 

But how will you do it?

How can you generate eager leads day in and day out… EVEN as you sleep?

 I can tell you with certainty that a lot of it has to go into understanding your daily processes.

So, today we will handle all of that. If you already peeped the video above, you should already be picking up what I’m putting down. But if not, or you want to recap, keep reading.

What’s brand automation?

Brand automation is simply introducing a system that can connect all the processes from marketing to customer fulfillment.

How is your internal team handling this?

Is there a system that can replace some of your daily processes?

When a lead comes into your funnel, how do they interact with you?

All these aspects are essential to automating your brand.

You see, once a lead comes into your funnel and gets inside the pipeline, how you engage with them will determine your conversion rates.

So, brand automation is simply the art of introducing a system that connects all the lead acquisition and conversion processes to improve the efficiency and quality of leads while ensuring faster and timely service delivery.  

Here is an illustration

Michael is interested in branding. He has been searching all about branding on Google and was taking notes. 

He wants to build a powerful online brand since some of his earlier businesses didn’t do well solely because of poor branding.

In the evening, when he is resting on his couch, he decides to sneak into Facebook to check out if he has any messages/comments he needs to reply to.

Since our ads are targeted to people who are interested in branding and automation, Michael will see our ad. The end result is he will land on our landing page.

The landing page is conversion-optimized, so he will most likely enter his email and end up purchasing one of our low-end offers. (Don’t worry, we have a POWERFUL automated follow-up series in case they don’t purchase anything but still give us contact information 😉)

Now that he is inside our funnel, he will get the mini offer and a series of value-packed emails that will land in his inbox.

The last email will ask him to join a masterclass that costs slightly higher than the mini offer. Michael won’t refuse since our emails have been adding value to his business.

After taking the Masterclass, we can still choose to upsell and cross-sell him. 

The system doesn’t stop until you maximize the value of a lead… but here’s the kicker, I can assure you their value never ends.    

Are you tracking so far? How awesome is this system?

I have not touched anything here. It’s simply a system created to work independently.

Why do you need to automate your business processes?

  • Freedom Of Time

There is no point in doing the job manually if you can create a system that can do all the work for you. Imagine fishing for leads manually, communicating with clients on Facebook, selling offers to them, coaching them one on one, and finally letting them off your hook.

At that rate, you’re just trading one “9 to 5” for another “9 to 5”.

Sounds like just another tiresome job right?

It is.

That’s why automation is necessary. You can save the time spent on Facebook groups and messaging prospects to work on improving your offers. There will be no need to worry about engagement and conversions because the emails will do that for you; just ensure you create a highly compelling email copy sequence.  (Don’t forget, optimize and adjust your copy as necessary, the system works automatically and depends HEAVILY on the content you provide).

  • Maximizes quality of service

Apart from saving time, automation helps to boost the quality of your offers. It will allow you to focus more on your deliverables and worry less about lead acquisition and conversions.

If Michael realizes that the value of the offer he purchased isn’t up to his expectations, he won’t buy the Masterclass. So, if we note that he hasn’t, there will be a series of cart-abandonment emails going to his inbox.

Supposed several people failed to purchase the Masterclass? We will definitely tell why it is based on the open rates, CTR, and other metrics. These aspects help us either to improve on the offer or the email copy.

  • Boosts the customer experience

Automation makes the customer journey smooth. A simple yet effective system makes it easy for him or her to interact with your brand, develops trust, and finally converts.

Once you introduce a value ladder into your automation process, the logical flow of information makes it easy for leads to convert.

All the sales funnel stages are utilized in the automation process. So, the conversion rates will be high due to ALL confusion being eliminated.

  • Streamlines your workflow

Automation allows your internal team (or hired freelancers) to know exactly what they need to do and how to do it.

There’s a whole ass family behind Big Marv making sure the automation process runs like a well oiled machine. There is someone handling advertising for me, creating content, and others develop offers for my students. I even have virtual assistants that take care of my clients while I’m away.

All these people need a streamlined way to work efficiently. The answer is… you guessed it… automation!

  • Skyrockets productivity

The end result of automating all of these processes is to boost leads and improve conversion rates.

Automation helps to increase outputs. If you manually do it, you will tire out quickly, get overwhelmed and fail to generate a ton of leads or sales. 

By introducing a system, you’re making the working enormously  easier.

Here’s a secret, most of these processes are taught AT NO COST to the consumer in my Facebook group.

The Automation G.O.A.T.

I saw the essence of automation in business and realized it could help grow your business 10x times. After 5 years experience, I’ve put this system together based on feedback and personal experience in personal branding. 

It’s an ultimate marketing platform designed to make life safer for all marketers working ‘hard’ but not ‘smart.’ It automates all processes from lead acquisition to fulfillment. The platform harbors all the tools and resources you will need to get started with automation and grow a powerful online brand.

Would you want to check out what’s inside? Here is the link.

We also teach most automaton tips inside my Facebook group. If you haven’t joined, please do. You are missing out a lot.

One Love,

Big Marv

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