How To Create Systems That Will Get Your Time Back

Quick question, are you running your business, or is it running you? Honestly, most people are being run by their businesses. That shouldn’t be the case with you.

Create money systems that can create freedom for you. Imagine if you can unplug and spend quality time with your family on vacation without any significant impact on your business. Some smart entrepreneurs do this by creating and managing efficient and effective money systems.  

You need to not only know the right system to use but also understand how to utilize its full potential and achieve maximum results. 

Big companies like Google have created systems that allow anyone else to join in and succeed. If you launch Google ads today, the algorithm does almost all the work. They don’t need to be there, except that they need to approve your ads. But that isn’t something the CEO or managers do.  

Facebook is another company that has systems in place. They have built this over the years following the steps I will teach you. In fact, almost all these top companies have developed systems that work for them. They collect data about your customers – people who use the platform – and use it for advertising.

Why do you need systems?

Your company needs systems. Don’t do all the work because you will tire out and give up. In fact, one of the things I teach the wavemakers is to create systems that don’t depend on their availability. I often give them the tools, which helps them to automate their processes.   

Here is why you need a system in place:

Systems reduce your workload and spur innovation

Think about it; if you want to double your revenue without a system, you will need to double your working hours. But with a system, you only do half the work and let the system handle the rest.

I often tell people that my brand was barely moving the needle when I was alone. But when I formed a team of wavemakers, I doubled my revenue. That was the time when my agency hit six figures after handling advertising campaigns for major brands.

Do you think I was doing all the work? No. I had a virtual assistant who managed my team on my behalf when I’m away. My work was to handle clients and pass it over to my team. I could then attend networking events and close deals with awesome clients.

Systems lead to business profitability

Someone once coined the phrase ‘time is money.’ I can attest that this statement is true. If you value money over time, it will be a tussle becoming rich. Value time over money and be among the top 1% of the super wealth (wealth is the mindset and not flashy things).

If you are spending almost 80% of your time on your business with no time to unwind and let fresh ideas flow in, it becomes a tussle to scale. Keep inventing new unique ideas and act on them.

With a system, you can step back and let it do the work for you. You can invest that time to develop other businesses or in developing competent skills in your area of expertise.

How to build systems to bring you money

Now that you understand the benefits of systems that will make you productive, how can you create them? It’s not a daunting task; just follow these steps:

  1. Identify your daily processes

What do you do every day? If you want to create a system is to list down your daily activities. Since they can be many, prioritize those essential ones. Don’t list something like visiting a friend or your weekend plan. They can be essential but not necessary.

If it were me, I would list working out, meditation, posting on social media, engaging with the wavemakers and potential clients on Facebook, making and closing deals, reviewing projects in the line, and planning one-on-one calls with the team members to ensure we are all on the same page.

Note that I have only included my high-priority activities, those that are linked to my business.   

  1. Break them down by processes

Once you have listed all your activities, link them up. To create a system, I often like to ask myself, ‘what’s the next thing after this?” If a subscriber wants my lead magnet, he will enter his email to get it. Once he downloads the offer, he will enter my email list. The next thing he will expect is value-packed emails that relate to what the lead magnet was attempting to solve.

My lead magnet is often my content map. It contains a pre-designed strategy for creating, distributing, and repurposing content all year round. People who download it are those looking to streamline their content marketing efforts.

My emails are often related to automation. In fact, these sequences of emails are automated. I don’t need to send each email. Once someone enters my funnel, the automation begins. It can sell and upsell the customer itself.

So, set a system that involves identifying your daily activities, linking them up into a process, and look for ways to automate them.

  1. Look for ways to improve those processes

What problem do you want a system to solve? Do you want more time on your hands? A VA will solve that. He will handle your calls, manage your team, and take notes on your behalf. A system is a way to complete a process or solve a problem.

Employing a VA is solving a significant part of the problem. However, how can you improve that system? You need to look for a way to make the system efficient.

First, look for unnecessary tasks, tools, or people you can delete from the system to make it efficient. You can also differ them if you need them later. Next, automate any of the tasks that are left after removing all the others.

Join the Wavemakers

It’s one thing to create a system and another to keep it running. You see, you need discipline and consistency to achieve great results.  Imagine if you can have someone who can hold your hand and help you to create and maintain an effective and efficient money system.

That’s what you will get by joining the Wavemakers. I’m the automation king. So, I know how automation comes in handy when looking to maximize revenue and avoid wearing out.

I will also hand you over my 100 Days Blueprint to help you set the ball rolling. Plus, help you fill the content map. 

Here is the blueprint

Otherwise, I hope this post has helped you to understand the full benefits of money systems and how easily you can create one. Begin this journey by becoming one of the wavemakers and implement all that you have learned.

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