How To Determine When To Automate Your Business


What’s good?!


Spoiler alert! There’s no blanket answer!


However, if you don’t have leads coming in on autopilot without lifting a finger, you might want to consider automation…


Don’t worry, that issue is taken care of with my Dual Funnel System right outta the box!


The number one thing most businesses need are more leads! The difference between progress, from keeping you at a side hustle instead of a sustainable business is manually trying to fetch leads.


No accurate way of getting new business on autopilot, without even thinking about it, is the number one obstacle I see in ANY industry.


 Automating your lead acquisition is the most basic automation that you can put into place, yet it seems to be the most critical to your business success.


There’s also so many other forms of automation that can take your business to the next level (nurturing, abandoned cart, happy birthday campaigns and so much more!).


Take a look at your business and take note of how much time you’re spending on doing things daily.


Then, ask yourself “Are these tasks taking my business to the next level or is it something just keeping me stagnant?”


If those tasks aren’t earning you revenue, then what can a robot (automation) do to give you that time back so that you can spend your time on tasks that ARE bringing you revenue.


So, if you’re currently spending a lot of your time trying to organically reach out to groups and do this or do that, and you haven’t automated your lead acquisition, you don’t have any kind of nurturing sequences in place to get those leads onto your calendar and naturally into your next level thing, RIGHT NOW is the time to automate.


The Dual Funnel System is EVERYTHING that you need for that front end acquisition.


If you’re new to tech and don’t have this in place, or even if you’re not new to tech, but you’ve been manually using spreadsheets and all these other things to run your business and wasting valuable time… IT’S TIME TO AUTOMATE.

If you’re ready to start automating your business now, get the Dual Funnel System today!

One Love,

Big Marv


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