Money Is Not Real, Know Your Worth

Money is a weak ‘why’ to focus on when growing your company.

I know you had these ideas when growing up of amassing lots of money to buy nice cars, expensive clothes and hold lots of parties. You imagined a life like a movie where everything just falls into place.

That was your real definition of a successful life. That was your dream life, right? I know that these fantasies can sometimes make you work really hard, but you need to understand that direction is more important than speed.

What gives you real motivation?

Is it the money?

There should be something beyond this. If you focus on the money, you will never have enough of it. And if you can’t have enough of something, you will never be happy.

Before chasing the money, why not stop for a second and rethink everything. You want a life of significance, don’t you? Well then, chasing money isn’t going to give you that.  

Make people successful instead

I know that we often tend to bring the issue of money into running an online business. I remember starting out with that mindset.

Have you seen some of these YouTube videos that talk about making $1,000 in a day or more without doing anything? I came across those and felt like I could be a millionaire soon.

I summed up that if I can make $1,000 in a day, what do you think I will be making in a month? That’s roughly about $30,000 or more.

Isn’t that quite a considerable sum to make you excited to chase the money? It is. Well, I did try out some of the methods they were advising and ended up not getting the millions I wanted.

Guess what?

I was after the money.

How many of the people you know are in that same position? A ton, right? They work really hard to hit their weekly targets and are unsatisfied when they don’t.

Money shouldn’t be your primary goal

I can’t lie to you that money isn’t good. In fact, money facilitates most of what you do as a human being. Money helps you to have different choices of what you want. You can’t really live without money. However, it shouldn’t be your primary goal when running a business.  

One of the key things I focused on when growing the Big Marv brand was not how much money I made at the end of the day. My main aim was the solutions I was developing for my students and clients.

I wanted to make their businesses easier and hence focused on automation. When they implement some of my strategies and grow their brands, they will be able to purchase some of my high-end offers.


My focus is on their businesses. When they grow, I grow. That gives me a greater sense of satisfaction and happiness more than chasing money.    

Freedom is not about focusing on the money

Trust me; some people are still so deeply engraved in the American dream. They have this notion that when they work hard in school and get good grades, jobs will come looking for them.

It’s okay to work hard in school and get a good job. After all, we need to teach kids the value of hard work, right? School gives you the discipline you need as an employee.

And once you are employed in a company, you begin chasing the money. You were always early to work to avoid getting fired, worked hard in your work, and asked for a pay rise whenever you got an opportunity.

I know you don’t want to admit this, but you don’t really like your job, do you? You are there for the money. At least, most of the people I know are there for the money. They want job security.

Have you realized that the reason for your unhappiness is chasing higher income?  You can even change your career path and get two master degrees in different fields then demand higher pay since your skillset has expanded.

Most of your employers will give in and give you twice the current salary. However, you will still not be happy.


Chasing money doesn’t give you the freedom you so much want.

It’s all about liking what you get

The thing about money is we tend to focus so much on what we don’t have and forget about what we have. We wait to be happy when we hit the jackpot and get fat pockets.

Have you ever postponed your happiness to “tomorrow” and not appreciate the things you currently have? Well, that’s what a majority of the people do; they wait to be happy, satisfied and fulfilled when they reach the top of the hill and not enjoy the sceneries as they climb.

Focusing on the money, let’s say $10,000 profits per week from your business, won’t really bring you that sense of satisfaction.

In fact, it will bring more damage to your self-esteem and confidence since it’s not guaranteed that you can make that amount.

Instead of waiting to be fully satisfied when you hit $10,000 in a week, why not appreciate that you are making $1,000 a week. It’s by liking what we have that we can scale and grow much faster.

Money is not the key to happiness

Many people subscribe to the pattern of thinking that the more money they have, the happier they will be. Well, I don’t think that can work for you or me.

You see, the more you chase the money, the more you feel you don’t have enough of it. The motivation to chase money often comes from seeing friends and colleagues having these nice cars and appearing prosperous on social media.

The next thing is you are comparing yourself with people who appear really successful, but in reality, they are on their way to being broke – there is a huge difference between rich and wealthy people. 

Sometimes, if you fail to purchase a car that looks like theirs, you feel you are not that smart as them and hence feel discouraged. It’s not about being smart; the solution is to stop chasing money and riches and begin building wealth.

Do it the right way

If you want peace of mind and happiness even in stressful financial situations, stop chasing the money and find a greater reason –one that catapults you when you are barely moving the needle in your business.

Follow the Big Marv brand as an example. I didn’t focus on the money. I simply focused on making business processes less complex, and the people gave me the money. It’s by focusing on the solutions that you can innovate and achieve a greater sense of self-achievement.

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One Love, 

Big Marv


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