Entrepreneurship Is A Lonely Journey Let’s Walk The Road Together

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When it comes to business, we all know it is a cut-throat world. It is fast-paced, and it often feels like every man is for himself. When a person chooses to dedicate their time and effort into building something greater than themselves, there will always come a point when you feel alone. 

That’s precisely what happened to me a few years ago when I left my six-figure Microsoft job to build myself a life of freedom. It was never an easy decision. I lost many friends and was indoors for most of the day, and my circle shrunk. 

Several factors contribute to this deep brooding feeling that many entrepreneurs have admitted to experience. 

But wait…

Who is an entrepreneur?

Are you an entrepreneur? Great! An entrepreneur is a problem solver. They create new ideas and bring them into the market, bearing most of the risk. Entrepreneurs are bold individuals who choose to develop solutions to the problems a lot of us face.  

It takes a lot more than mere courage to thrive as an entrepreneur. It is often a long-term game with a lot of upfront work that might not pay off immediately. That is why many entrepreneurs find themselves going down the rabbit hole and end up feeling alone in their journey.

Before you become one, it is easy to imagine how much more flexible your time will become. No boss is probably working from your house, and you think it will be great to spend so much more time with your family.

When you start putting in the foundational work that will become your business, you realize that you are short on time. Don’t worry because it won’t always be that way. 

But why do many entrepreneurs feel lonely?

Let’s look at a few reasons.

  • Not everyone understands your goal

This is a huge one. When you decide to solve a problem in the form of a product or service, you will face a lot of skepticism, even from people within your inner circle.


It might seem like people are not interested in what you’re offering, you might be taking too long to monetize the idea, and you really have to stay focused to keep showing up for your business. 

This is not easy for anyone to undergo. It often feels like the ultimate test of patience and consistency, and it makes or breaks your business. Having this knowledge keeps a lot of entrepreneurs going. However, it can feel very isolating. Keep pushing yourself and the rewards will come. 

  • You will face a lot of rejection

Every product or service out there has an ROI. After all, people have different interests. And even if you’re targeting businesses, different niches require different solutions. 

Knowing this, you will have to keep taking ‘No’ until you land on a ‘Yes.’ This initial rejection can feel very personal. Remember, it is something you have put your time, money, and effort into building. This can bring a lot of conflicting emotions. However, always remember to make business moves based off of logic and numbers, NOT emotion.

Remember not to take this rejection personally. They reject the idea, not the whole of you. Use this as a way of gaining feedback and to get a better understanding of what that person needs (sometimes it’s better to cut ties and just move on). Refine your product and serve them better, and you will see more people jumping into your wagon.

  • You don’t have a lot of time to socialize

Between managing your software, taking care of your customers, and ensuring your business systems are running seamlessly, socializing can feel like a colossal waste of time. There is almost always a fire that needs putting off somewhere when you’re an entrepreneur. That’s what it is most of the time.

Take some time off and breathe. A change of scenery will do you good. Rest is just as essential as being on the go. Talking to friends and family in a more relaxed setting can put you back into gear and give you new insight into what you can do better.

  • You are different

People who choose the entrepreneurial journey are not very common. The primary reason for this is because it is a riskier way to go, but hey, the payoff is worth it right? 

That is not always the way people look at it. It often feels reckless to take that first plunge.

“I can’t believe you invested all your savings into that idea! What if this doesn’t work? Are you sure you want to quit your job to do that?”

You will hear every excuse in the book, but if you look take a closer look, it’s all about fear of lack of stability at the center of it.

Realize that you are not playing the same game, so the rules are different for you. It will feel lonely to be a person of radical views and huge faith but don’t let it deter you. You see, what you’re building is more prominent than yourself, and that is the magic in being a problem solver.

How to feel less lonely as an entrepreneur

You already know the bad news. So, we will cut the chase and give you the good news. There are a few simple things you can do to feel more alive and involved as an entrepreneur.

1.  Exercise regularly

Moving your body will get your heart pumping and leave you feeling refreshed and focused. Join a local gym, get a personal trainer, start running, and join a dance class, whatever rocks your boat. Invest in yourself by investing in your health and getting serious about it.

2.  Build a team you enjoy working with

As the business leader and captain, have fun, and you will build something that everyone wants to see grow. A vibrant team will make you feel less lonely and even make you feel like part of a community. 

That’s what I have achieved in my Facebook group. By helping my tribe, I achieve a greater sense of satisfaction.

3.  Get psychological sunshine

Exercise is excellent for your body, but painting might be your first love. Do something your soul gets excited about and feel more connected.

Psychological sunshine is anything that you do because you love doing it. That might be playing the piano, sitting on a bench watching the stars with your dog. Just do something that makes you feel alive.


There is no denying that the entrepreneur’s journey is more like a maze. When you hit those walls and feel alone and lost, remember there are many other entrepreneurs silently fighting battles for their businesses as well. Do not quit. Do not falter, and above all, don’t quit.

If you want to join a group of hungry entrepreneurs that are lifting each other up through this journey – head over to Facebook and join the Wavemakers With Big Marv group

One Love, 

Big Marv


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