Taking A Peek Behind The Curtain Of Your Life

What’s good?!


We are almost at Day 100.


I want you to not only look back at the transition you’ve made, but take stock of

where you’re headed.


Are you proud of it all?


In these days, continue interviewing people as well as being interviewed.

Empower your network (net worth). Focus on setting up Facebook Live

interviews with other experts in your field.


Don’t worry if someone says “no”, but consistency is key. Try to set up as many

interviews you can.


Everything you have been doing by following the blueprint is meant to prepare

you for what’s next. When the blueprint is finished, this is one of many tools that

will positively impact your journey!


As always, I provide a worksheet in my Personal Brand Blueprint to help make the process a little easier! Head over to https://www.bigmarvsblueprint.com/ to download a digital version of the Personal Brand Blueprint.


One Love,

Big Marv


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