Creating A Journal Out Of Your Social Media Feed AKA Your Opportunity To Muse

What’s good?!


Time to put that creativity to work! 


For the next few days, days 3 through 7,  take note of the things that inspire you throughout your day to day life and write them on your social media pages as if no one is watching.


Go live everyday and tell us what you’ve experienced, your thoughts, your wins AND your loses… literally everything throughout the next few days.


Be creative, pull from your environment and your interactions. This doesn’t have to be a long drawn out live video either, just 2-5 minutes to connect with your audience.


The key is creating consistent content.


Our aim here is to get you comfortable on camera, find your voice and who you talk to, who responds to you and what they respond to.


Don’t forget, have fun and don’t overthink it. You’re creating real connections so no need to force anything or over complicate it.


As always, I’ve provided a worksheet for you and you get download the digital version for FREE at


One Love, 

Big Marv


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