Understanding Your Most Authentic Self And How To Get It To The Masses!

What’s good?!


We want to start by getting vulnerable right off the bat.


Sharing your most authentic self through  video is the best way to go. Video is the number one converting asset you can create online.


Don’t be shy boo boo, turn on that camera and share your soul!


The reason behind this exercise is to hash out your brand story AND using your audience feedback.


This isn’t about dressing to the 9’s, looking good or even really being professional/highly produced. Trust me, your authenticity will shine through everything and your audience will appreciate you more.


Go live and let us know who you are!


Don’t forget, along with the Personal Brand Blueprint, you’ll notice a Day 2 Worksheet. Utilize it and don’t forget BE REAL. If you haven’t already, download the digital version of the worksheet, for free, at https://www.bigmarvsblueprint.com/


One Love,

Big Marv


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