Progressive Studio Time

Hey guys,

Big Marv here, today was a good day! I got some videos recorded for my studio and published an article about it on our company site. Take a peak below to watch the videos and learn something new! 🙂

WordPress, Shopify, and More!

I also started a new blog called The Daily Dank with Big Marv

Check it out! – The Daily Dank with Big Marv!

Before I hopped on the computer, it was a busy day in the garage. I got one of my golfs running, now I just have to get it put back together. I found out one of the frame horns are slightly bent so the holes don’t line up perfectly. MY buddy is coming out tomorrow to straighten it out for me so I can go abuse this car! 🙂 The 2.0 engine from VW is by far my favorite engine to build. They are so cheap and reliable. It is also very easy to squeeze power out of them.

After I got the golf running, my buddy and I cut some shelves for my mother. We built her a shelf unit for her room. Today I sanded all of the wood and painted them. I also got to take the Harley out this morning, boy that was a blast to drive. My day is always better when I get to scoot around on the bike.

I finally put the bike in the garage and retired to the computer for the night. With that being said, until next time.

-Big Marv


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