Success Is An Attitude, Is Your Mind Right?

The attitude you carry along when running your business will determine if it will succeed or fail. Which attitude do you harbor? Do you just give up after a setback?

I remembered that I failed a lot when I began the Big Marv brand. There was even a moment when I thought I was simply not good at this. I lost about $60,000 trying to perfect my craft and become the best in what I do.

All these helped to shape the person I’m today. So, if you thought I had a straight course to success, then you now know it was never that easy.

The only thing that kept me going was my attitude. I knew this was what I wanted for my life. I was also determined to do all it takes to get it. That means no matter how much I failed, I always get back up and keep moving.

What is success?

Success to me is all about developing the right attitude to win. It’s not about how many times you fail, but how many times you get back up after falling.

Your attitude will determine your reaction to events that happen on your journey to success. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful ones is how they handle this.

Some choose to blame situations, circumstances, and others, while others pick themselves up, repair the broken pieces, and give it another more trial. The end result is they become successful.

The right attitude gives you energy

I have seen this work for me. Any time I get a setback, I always remain positive. I sometimes had a server problem in the past. Most of the data disappeared mysteriously. I remember waking up to this blank screen without the essential files.

The clients were also on my neck. They all wanted answers to the issue at hand. I tried to find a way out of this, but all my efforts hit the wall. I don’t remember losing focus or thinking I had lost it all. My mind was focused on the solution.

I told my clients about the cause of the issue and how I was going to resolve it. Moments later, I recovered the files, emailed my clients, and got back on track.


A positive attitude will pull you through any bad situation. I’m sure you often find yourself in some of these situations that take away all your energy. The most important thing at that moment is to remain positive.   

That’s the same when you are waking up. A positive attitude will set the right momentum for you. Yes, it’s like fuel to power you through the day. If you could have replaced the positive attitude you are currently having with a negative one, you can’t be productive.

A positive attitude is good for your health

At one moment, there were two men in the same hospital room. One had a bed that was facing a wall and hence couldn’t see outside. He could only see the doctors, the nurses in their blue aprons, the sick being wheeled out of the ward and out, and some other people.

The other patient had a bed near the hospital window. It was in such a good position that he could see the outside of this big hospital. He was often looking outside the window while his partner was always looking at the hospital’s activities.

Though they talked a lot about their families, early childhood life, and then the life in the army, which they both served, the patient whose bed was overlooking the hospital was continually getting worse. In contrast, the second patient seemed to be getting better with time.

After some time, the first patient passed away, while the second was discharged a month later.

What do you think happened here?

It’s their attitude. The positive attitude drawn from looking at the life outside the hospital window gave the second patient hope of living again.

He often imagined how wonderful life would be once he was discharged. He even saw the cars and imagined the vehicle he would purchase. And far beyond the edge of the city, he saw children playing in the playground, the flowers near the national park, and the beautiful clouds that give rain in the afternoons.

The second patient was always thinking about the nurses, diseases, other patients, and even death. In short, he had negative energy.

See how powerful positive energy can be?   

So, which attitude do you require right now to make it in your business?

Hard work

It’s so easy to begin a business right now with the internet boom. It wasn’t like this when the baby boomers were born. You don’t need to travel like the Arabs to undertake barter trade in other countries.

You also don’t need to go to school to learn a theory or a concept. You can now join a university online, get your bachelor’s, and follow your career path.

However, not all people can do this simply because they are lazy. Understand that you can only get what you want if you put in the work. That attitude will drive you far.


No one has the power to make your future except you. Yes, you can launch a business, manage it, and grow it to six figures. It’s all up to you.

The energy, the determination, and the desire are all yours. If you don’t have the right motivation, it would be hard getting things done.

The attitude of self-reliance helps us bet on ourselves. That for things to happen, we need to make them happen. Don’t rely on someone else to build your future. 


You have to focus on growth over anything else. Sure enough, you might have bad days when nobody shows up, but as long as you are growing, that’s all that matters.

The tribe might not be purchasing your offers as you expected, the ads aren’t profitable, the clients are not booking calls with you that much.

All these can easily make you think you need to abandon it all. No. Just change a few business aspects, and this will fix itself. You can even introduce automation. Automation can help a great deal to grow your business.


Success in your online business depends a lot on your attitude. How you show up every day and maintain the momentum matters. Nothing builds that energy faster than having a positive attitude. Build one today. It will propel you forward, I promise.

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One Love, 

Big Marv


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