Big Marv’s Network – Episode 13 – Interview With Tavleen at WooFunnels!

Hey guys,

Today’s edpisode is a special edition all about Woo Funnels! Woo Funnels is a software that integrates with Woocommerce to give you one page checkouts, one click upsells, advanced tracking, order bumps, reports, multiproduct upsells, variants, and so much more!

We will be diving deep into Woo Funnels and how it helps skyrocket your Woocommerce store. It has become my plugin of choice when building Woocommerce funnels for clients!

When asked what Tavleen hopes to bring to the world, she responded with;
“We want to empower entrepreneurs with the right tools and technology without having to pay through their nose on custom development.”

Checkout Woo Funnels for yourself at and make sure to use BUILDBIG at checkout to save!

One Love,
Big Marv


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