Building A Life Of Freedom So You Never Clock In Again

How often do you wake up and go to work on a job that means nothing to you? Do you sometimes long for weekends so that you can relieve yourself of the stressful workload?

If so, perhaps it’s time to craft your dream life.

You deserve a life of freedom. In fact, you owe it to yourself. You don’t have to wake up every day to go to work. You don’t have to work on weekends when you don’t feel like it.

Live a life of freedom and dictate your terms.

Most people are not living the life they desire because they are not willing to risk a well-paying job to pursue their passions. I understand. But sometimes you can’t hold on to it anymore. You just have to make a tough decision or spend the rest of your life, not really living but merely existing.

Read my story

You see, when I was growing up, I was always a bright kid. I scored good grades on my exams and headed to college to pursue my dreams. I believed that with good grades, I could secure a high-paying job in the right firm and achieve my dream life.

Isn’t that what the society perceives of success; that once you have good grades and get a high-paying job, you are deemed to be successful?  

That’s precisely what happened to me because I landed a job in Microsoft soon after graduating. As you can imagine, that was a huge milestone for me.

Think about it; how many people dream of getting a job there? Many, right? For me, it was a dream come true. My years of hard work have finally paid off.

But soon, I began to realize that things are not as exciting as I had imagined. I indeed had several cars, a house, and a six-figure salary under my roof. I also had the love and support of my young family. 

I bet that’s what most millennials yearn for, right?

My job was exciting until I began to realize that I wasn’t as free as I had imagined. 

Since I was working really hard from Monday to Friday, I was always looking forward to Saturdays to go hiking and spend time with my kids. That was partial freedom, which does not often happen because I could find work piled on my table even on Saturdays.

I longed for a day where I can live on my terms. I want to wake up whenever I feel like it and work whenever I want.

I wanted to spend more time with my family and not arrive late when my kids are about to go to sleep. 

That’s when I sought to make these dreams a reality. I was determined to dictate my life’s terms.

After six years of working in Microsoft, I quit my job and took some time to soul search. 

I know most of you would think that I’m crazy to leave an excellent job with a good salary and huge bonuses, but sooner than later, this will pay off.

Everyone has their definition of freedom. For others, it can mean having lots of flashy cars and a great deal of social media following. Others want power and fight hard to hit their goals.

Mine was forged onto a great desire to retire on a farm with my kids and do whatever I feel to do anytime I want to. That’s why I began the Big Marv’s brand.

Have you achieved your life of freedom? Keep looking and work hard. Sooner rather than later, you will find it.

How can you build this life?

Simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Change your mindset. Change your life

Invest in yourself. Do you believe that success is a mindset? That’s what the Ladders advise. Yes, the best investment you can always make is an investment in yourself.

Whatever you think about becomes your action. Your actions build up a habit. Habits create a life for you. 

Have you seen how the mindset is critical for your success? Work on it.

How do you invest in yourself? Read books (start off with The Power Of The Subconscious Mind). Take courses. Attend seminars. You will build a broad knowledge of the area you want to venture to.

When I began my brand, I downloaded every lead magnet I could get and devoured the information inside. I also took courses and bought books. I invested a great deal in my mindset, and now it’s paying off.  

  1. Find your passion

What are you passionate about? You will not have a life of freedom if you don’t find your passion. Think about how unexciting it is living a life where you have your head down all day long doing things that you aren’t passionate about. 

Once you are passionate about what you are doing, you will not feel as if it’s work. You will also learn to innovate.  

So, after working on your mindset, work on finding what you are really passionate about. 

What life principles guide you? What do you believe in? Are you living daily in harmony with your life’s beliefs and values?

Find your passions today and live a life of freedom.

As for me, I sought to find out what I could do best if money weren’t an option. As soon as I found out something I could do without thinking about a paycheck, I got my freedom.

  1. Set goals and strict timelines

To achieve a life of freedom, set goals, and strict timelines. Break a goal down into steps and create plans. A well-documented action plan makes your goals achievable. MindTools has it all on this.

Don’t merely set goals. Set simple, achievable goals. Begin with daily goals to build up your habit. If you can achieve one goal, you can achieve a thousand more. Let that build up your momentum to scale higher.

You should have both short-term and long-term goals.

  1. Develop good habits

Success is a result of good habits. If you want to become an authority figure in SEO, for example, develop habits such as engaging more in the SEO signals lab by Stephen Kang, or produce high-quality SEO related videos like Brian Dean.

Whichever the case, you need to build good habits around what you offer. It’s easy to form a habit following the example I gave earlier. You just need to begin with your thoughts. If you change the way you think, you can change the way you talk and act.

Just Like what Og Mandino said, if you have to be a slave to habits, be a slave to good habits that will lead you to a life of freedom.

  1. Have mentors

If you want to be an authority in any niche, ride on the shoulders of someone already dominating that niche. Find someone you can source inspiration from.

They will most often give their advice for free, but if they ask for something in return, don’t hesitate to invest in it. I guarantee you that some mentorship courses are worth it.

Don’t source inspiration from just anyone. Find someone who has walked the journey you are about to take. I currently have a coach despite being a coach, as well. He keeps me accountable and consistent in achieving my life of freedom.

Why you need to achieve a life of freedom

We all want to be free. I bet nobody wants to stay tied to that chair in an office for a lifetime. Imagine a life where you can have breakfast in New York, Lunch in San Francisco, and dinner in Los Angeles while still making money.

Imagine a life where you can make your choices and live by them; a creative and fun-filled life that everyone, who is in the vicious employment cycle desires.

Wouldn’t you want that? I bet you do. You have a choice, then, to get out there and get rid of whatever is holding you from achieving that grand life.


I know perhaps you are not yet living your dream life. You are stuck in the rattle doing something you are not passionate about. You may be getting a good salary, but it doesn’t feel fulfilling because after all, money is not a means to freedom.

Take time and dig deep to uncover your innate dreams and passions, Invest in yourself and bring a rare skill into the market. There is value in all precious commodities and abilities. So, your expertise will be valuable.

Set goals, develop good habits, and have mentors. Travel this path, and you will achieve your life of freedom.    


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