Happiness And Business Success, A Beautiful Pairing

I think you know by now that your business performance is largely dependent on your well-being. That means if you are not happy, you will perform less. Unhappiness is an emotion that results from something terrible that has happened to us or is bound to happen.

When it kicks in, you will feel unhappy and let that occupy the larger part of the day. If they do, you will be left with less time thinking about your business. That means your productivity levels will reduce.

It also has a lot to do with burnout. If you want to avoid this, learn to be happy. Maybe what has been hindering you from reaching those goals is that you are unhappy and dissatisfied.


Being successful in business is much more about what motivates you to get up in the morning. If you lack that motivation, you might not make it.

Let that goal give you happiness, determination, and courage to go from being a newbie in Facebook ads to owning a fully-fledged Facebook advertising agency.

That makes me want to ask you a question;

What is success to you?

We all have different definitions of success. For some, it can mean owning a garage with several collections of cars, owning a profitable real estate business, while for others can be establishing a remarkable brand online.

Whichever the case, you need to know what success means to you. It’s by having a goal that you can develop strength and a sense of direction. A life with direction has a sense of purpose, which brings forth happiness in your life.

That’s the same thing with your team. Do they believe in your goal? If they don’t, they will drag you behind. So, let what you want be in line with the team’s level of determination.

Your team will more often show commitment if they are motivated. What gives them commitment, if not happiness?

Success for me has always been achieving freedom. That means I can wake up anytime I want, work any day I want, and still be financially free. I talked a lot about living a life of freedom in my other video.

So, find what success means to you, and you can find happiness.

How can you cultivate a sense of happiness?

If your business has been performing poorly because you are unhappy, you can cultivate a sense of happiness today by following simple steps;

Adopt the habit of gratitude

You see, the reason you are not happy is that you are focusing on bad things. It’s either you are worried or fearful of what might happen.

So, now that you are focusing on one negative thought, it clouds your mind and makes you fail to realize the riches and abundance you already possess in life. The end result is you are sad and can’t find a way out of a situation.

You have a lot of potential to succeed in that business.

But guess what?

There is also an option to fail and lie flat on the ground if you focus on why it might not work. If you don’t appreciate the many reasons why you need to do it, then the one reason why you will most likely fail will bring you down.

It will hinder your growth, shrink your determination levels, and reduce your ability to go from one level to another. The way to happiness and business success is to have gratitude for the small things in your life.

Appreciate the sun for the gentle touch on your skin, the moon for lighting up the sky at night, the winds for carrying cold air that condense and become the rain, and anybody around you for each one of us needs another person.

Undertake in random acts of kindness

Kindness is about putting the needs of other people before yours without expecting anything in return. It’s about going the extra mile to ensure the person next to you is happy.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it can be your team. It can be anyone. As long as he or she is a human being, they will appreciate your gentle touch of kindness.

Now I know you are thinking about buying food for the homeless down in the street or contributing money towards charity.


It mustn’t be anything big—just something simple such as complimenting someone. Or even calling them by their names and saying thank you. Do you know that calling someone’s name can spark happiness in both you and them?

Well, start today. Say, ‘Good morning, Linda’ and strike a natural short smile. That can work wonders in boosting his or her self-esteem and alleviate their happiness and yours. Yes, you get the happiness right back.   

Remember, these simple acts are not only going to boost your business, but they are also good for your health.

Avoid negative people

Your circle will also contribute a great deal towards your happiness. You see, when setting SMART goals, we talked about developing the right support structure that will enable you to attain those goals.

One of the support structures was ensuring your environment was a supportive one. That involves weeding out negative people in your circle.

If you constantly interact with negativity, your level of determination, courage, and desire will more likely begin to shrink. The end result is you are not happy.

Let me tell you what to do; just study the people in your life and determine if they always give you energy or take it from you. If they provide you with energy, retain them. But if they drain energy from you, weed them out of your life.

Keep a circle of friends who believe in you. Most people attribute their success to the fact that someone believed in them, encouraged them, and celebrated their small wins. That’s the circle you want for yourself


Happiness is an essential aspect of business success. If you haven’t cultivated this habit yet, begin today. It will make you and your team more productive, develops a sense of purpose, and grows your business.

Grab my Personal Brand Blueprint and use it as a guide to develop healthy daily habits for your personal brand. 

One Love, 

Big Marv


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