Building Habits Of Consistency That Really Gives You The Power To Scale Your Personal Brand

Would you want to go from making peanuts to making six figures a month from your business? It’s simple. Guess what? Top influencers, digital marketers, and anyone making it big in the business world understands the one element that defines it all. Consistency.

Have you been posting in Facebook groups, creating videos, interviews, and still not seeing money flowing in? Likely, you didn’t have a strategy and weren’t consistent. You don’t go all the way up on a single day. No. Leads and sales compound over time. You begin at the bottom, get to 50k a month, 100k a month, and before you know it, you are hitting six figures.

A persistent person gets it, but a consistent person keeps the customers and the income stream.

Why is consistency essential for business success?

Here is why you need to show up every day until you begin getting leads and sales.


  • Makes your brand credible


You don’t build credibility in a day, but by being consistent. Have a consistent tone, style, logo, and brand colors. Let the people in your tribe think of your brand when they see a particular color. Let them relate your style to that of a successful brand.

Building credibility is a nerve-wracking task. It requires patience, putting in the effort, and being consistent. Once you build credibility, the people in your tribe will be referring to you. Hence, you will become an authority figure quickly.


  • Better utilization of resources


Some businesses fire employees and hire others almost every month. Not only that, but they also develop new strategies regularly for doing business. Are you practicing this in your company? Well, you shouldn’t because it hinders employees’ efficiency and specialization.

Employees who stay in an organization long enough learn to master their craft. They can remain loyal, as well. You need a consistent strategy in place that can make your employees perform more efficiently and lower production costs. 


  • You become a part of your client’s life/ customer loyalty


In the modern business landscape, where competition is at its best, you need something to stand out. Brands are now coming up with ways, techniques, and methods of doing things that differentiate them from the rest. You see, once you develop a process, you automatically become a go-to person or brand in that niche.

Consistency with adding value to your tribe makes them follow you and comment on your posts. If they want a solution to a problem they are facing, they will think of you. You become part of their life. They will be loyal to you and refer others to you. In the end, you have a massive following and a vast customer base.


  • Builds business momentum


When you are starting your business online, don’t think it will be a walk in the park. You will fail. You will lose money. You will want to throw in the towel. However, being consistent builds up your momentum. Within no time, your business will have gained traction. Consistency builds good business habits, develops excellent routines, and creates business momentum.

Business growth is something that compounds over time. You don’t merely get leads in your first few months of operations. In fact, according to Bureau Labor Statistics, about 20% of businesses fail in their first year of operation. It’s a daunting task to get the initial traction because of constant experimenting with strategies.

What can make you consistent?

Since you have learned that consistency is the key to business success, how can you begin to be consistent in your business activities? Here are some tips.

  1. Find a sense of purpose

You need to love what you do if you have to make anything significant from it. Have you ever met these types of people who are always complaining about what they do? These people don’t go far in their craft because they focus on the problems rather than the solutions.

If you have a clear goal and a sense of purpose in what you do, you will enjoy the process and make it consistent. Don’t depend on willpower because it might not take you far. Be addicted to the process, and build healthy habits around what you do. Once you get addicted to seeing results, you will learn to be consistent and build a passive income stream.

  1. Focus on the future but live in the present

Most people, when starting businesses, have high expectations for their craft. They expect that if they follow a laid down process, then they must have a good return on investment. It’s not a bad thing to have expectations and become conscious of the results. However, it should not make you live in the future.

People who live in the future are disorientated from the present and might give up when they don’t get the results they yearned for. Don’t wait to be happy when you achieve success. Don’t make the process dull and unexciting. Enjoy the process, but focus on the results.

  1. Leverage on systems

You need a system in place to develop a flexible business strategy that can soar your business to success. When you have one, you can run your business on autopilot. Business systems reduce costs and promote efficiency.  

If you have ever realized, most of what you do follows a system. Most business processes run on systems. It’s not what you sell that matters; it’s how you sell it. Systems will enable you to sell your services repeatedly. For example, consider email marketing, it is easy to develop a one-month sequence and make money on autopilot. Systems enhance consistency.

  1. Get into accountability programs

You can get consistent in your daily business activities by joining some accountability programs such as a one-month challenge, yearly, or semi-annual challenge. If you can conceive in the mind what you want to achieve in a month or a year, the universe will conspire to make it happen. Publicly declaring your goals makes it easy to achieve consistency.

Accountability groups might not help you much if you don’t develop a personal psychology formula. They help to make you accountable and strive to hit your goals. You need more than that, though.


Consistency in your business is your best bet to getting to six figures in a month. Begin a channel. Post videos every day. Within one year, you will be a millionaire. Begin an active Facebook group, add massive value, promote your offer, and make money. The key to making money online and in any business is to be consistent.



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