Creating A Business Marketing Strategy That Is Catered For Compounding Conversions

What is the marketing strategy for your business?  

What lead-acquisition strategies do you have in place? How do you nurture those leads until they convert into sales?

All of the above make up your marketing strategy.

A marketing strategy is an overall plan that you intend to use to reach out to prospects, present your products and services, and ultimately turn them into sales.

It should contain the brand’s value proposition; customer data illustrated using a persona, a unique brand messaging style, and other brand elements.

A good marketing strategy should encompass the four P’s of marketing; price, place, product, and promotion.

Let’s dive in:

Understand the price of the service or products. It shouldn’t be so expensive that nobody can purchase it. Similarly, it shouldn’t be too low that the profit is also low.

The place is also another essential element when creating a solid marketing strategy. You see, selecting the right digital channel matters a great deal. Each channel has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

And finally, promotion, there are different promotion strategies. How are you going to promote your product or service to your customers? Choose one that suits you best.    

Here is an example

Let’s say you are promoting e-com health products and have a store. The first thing you will think of is your product’s features and what it solves; that will help you define your audience.

The next thing is how to attract potential leads into your business. You can either employ free or paid traffic generation techniques to direct people into your website or landing page.

The next thing is to engage with the leads and convert them. I have written all about how to do these in the article [link to automation].  

All these steps make up your marketing strategy.

How can you create a powerful marketing strategy?

A powerful marketing strategy will generate a ton of leads and sales for you, propels your brand forward, and enables you to check off all of your business goals.

So, how do you craft a winning one?

Here are the steps:

  • Undertake a SWOT analysis for your brand

What are your weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, and threats? You need an evaluation of these. Your weaknesses can lead to losses if you don’t consider them.

But the main focus is on your strengths.

What can you deliver so well?

How can you do it?

Where can you do it?

My personal strength has always been automation. There are threats, weaknesses, and opportunities, as well. However, focus is mainly on what can be done instead of hovering over what can’t.

  • Define your target audience

Your target audience should be the center of your marketing strategy. It should encompass their interest, age, demographics, and income status.

You can even create a simple audience persona right there. It helps to personalize any marketing piece. 

The more specific your audience is, the easier it is to become an authority in your niche. Imagine targeting people who want to make money online. That’s a broad audience, right?

But if you target people who want to learn Facebook ads, then it becomes narrow.

  • Set marketing goals

Your marketing goals act as guide maps to what you want to achieve. If you ever do something without setting goals, you will never know when you accomplish something great.

Your goals need to be SMART With goals, comes metrics. Metrics measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

If your goal was to develop your brand, then marketing metrics can increase the number of Facebook page likes, followers, and high engagement rates.

  • Test and optimize for higher performance

There is no perfect marketing strategy. Most of what these experts tell you is what they have perfected over the years. That’s why there are different people with different marketing strategies that have worked for them.

You can choose yours, deploy it, and get the results. Optimize the results for higher performance.

Some of the best marketing strategies for small businesses

If you are just getting started as an entrepreneur and want to grow your business fast, you can leverage some of these simple marketing strategies:

  1.     Facebook advertising

The easiest way to generate leads for your new business is via Facebook. I can testify to this since most of our leads are from Facebook.

You don’t necessarily have to launch ads as we do. After optimizing your profile and publishing posts related to what you offer, begin with free lead acquisition methods such as being active on private groups.

Personal branding is critical here. Whatever you publish on your timeline can attract or scare away prospects.

You can later choose to run simple Facebook ads for a little budget until you master the techniques.  

  1. Email marketing

It’s also essential that you begin collecting your prospects’ emails as early as possible. An email is the simplest customer data you can have.

Once they entrust you with their name and email, don’t spam them but choose to offer value. You can even create a simple but valuable giveaway in exchange for emails.

Most people think email marketing is for large businesses. It isn’t. Just choose an email marketing service provider, create squeeze pages or landing pages, and begin collecting emails.

It might take some time before you can have a sizable email list, but you are good to go once you hit 100 subscribers.

  1.     Blogging on free sites

This is also another great marketing strategy I have seen it work for most small businesses. Besides having a website, you can choose to incorporate a blog within your site. A blog will allow you to publish search engine optimized content that will attract organic traffic from Google and other search engines.  

Another way to do this is to blog on free sites such as LinkedIn or Medium. That can work if you don’t have a website already. Just create content and publish it on medium. You can then ask people to purchase your product or services via a link.

  1. Launch Google ads

This comes later once you master some marketing basics. Google ads can be challenging if you don’t master the proper steps and techniques. However, they can be highly profitable once you understand what you are doing.

BONUS: Want to dive deeper into some different marketing strategies?  Start with auditing your digital marketing efforts using this guide by SEOptimer.

To conclude, I want to encourage you to take action. Not any marketing strategy is bound to succeed. You just need to start somewhere and learn on the go. However, it’s essential that you create one. 

Start today.

One Love,

Big Marv

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