How To Establish Long Term Trust With Your Audience

Business trust is a powerful asset if you can have it.

How many consistent customers do you have? I’m talking about those who can purchase your offers and ask for your recommendations before buying anything online.

If you have several, then you have mastered the art of developing business trust. If you haven’t, there are simple steps you can follow to be trusted, maintain that trust, and unlock your life of freedom. 

Why you need trust in business

You see, Chatter Matters Word of Mouth did research and found out that 83% of people make purchases based on others’ recommendations; that can be family, friends, or even colleagues.

People trust the recommendation of a friend more since they have already tested the service or product.

Let me ask you something; what was the last thing you purchased online…Maybe a course or an ebook on Amazon?

Well, did you just wake up and enter your credit card information?

No. Most likely, you first had to develop trust from the course creator or had a recommendation from a friend.   

That’s the same thing with your leads.

What’s the first thing that they get when they enter your pipeline?

If they land on your page, will they find a crooked and hard-to-read landing page?

If they do, most of them will press the ‘back’ button.

So, everything has to make their experience as flawless as possible. The website has to be well structured and contain all the information about you and your services. The lead magnet should be value-packed. The emails need to be compelling, informational, and personalized.

All these little efforts will earn you trust from clients.

What I do:

Most of the information I give is always free. If you have downloaded my dual funnel system, you will realize that I give a lot of this information for free.

And believe me, most people email me back in their 17 or 18th email to ask if I can do the job for them.

That’s the same thing with people in my Facebook group. I give them lots of value. As a result, I earn their trust, which means a lot to my brand. It means I can get referrals and sell offers to them.

The end result is a buying pattern of customer loyalty that lasts for years.

How can you do it?

If you are still new to the game, it might take some time. However, it’s better now than later. Here are some steps to develop customer trust and loyalty:

Establish mutually beneficial relationships

A mutual relationship is one in which both parties win. If customers feel they are not getting the value they deserve from your course or other offers, do you think they will trust you next time?

Let’s flip it this way; Can you purchase anything from a shop that sold you expired products last time?


How about if you purchase ice cream from a vendor, and it turns out that he handles your orders fast, makes the sweetest ice creams, and even offers you one for free as a bonus? Now that will make him your go-to ice cream guy, right?  

Employees, too, shouldn’t feel they are working for you. Give them equity in your company. Let them buy shares and feel they are owners of the company. In that way, everyone will work towards growing the company.

Under-promise and over-deliver

The trick is to always under-promise and over-deliver. If you get into calls with potential clients and make business deals, always over-deliver.

It doesn’t mean you can give them more than they need, but you can always do something extra. The trick is to be different from your competitors.  Give them a reason to hire you next time.

If you are designing a sales funnel for clients, there is always that extra thing you can do that wasn’t part of the deal. It can be integrating his payment processors, linking his social channels, creating his ads, or promoting his funnel in your Facebook group.

Whichever way you do, the client will continually develop trust in you and hire you many times over.  

Make your services as risk-free as possible

This happens most when you are dealing with first-time customers. Nobody wants to invest in risky ventures.

Do you have an online course or product? If you haven’t yet established authority, it’s a good idea to make the offer a low-risk one.

How can you do that?

Well, give them a FREE trial. If it’s a new software, always opt to give customers a free trial. If a Free trial can’t do, opt for a 30-day money-back guarantee. Actually, most of the tools I’m using have this option. The trick is to make them feel they are investing in something they are already familiar with.   

Ask for reviews from customers

Another way to build business trust is to display reviews from past clients and customers on your site. You can see that on this website. It’s a great idea to earn trust from new clients.

If you don’t have a review already, just shoot a bunch of your former customers a text and ask them if they can send a written or video review of your services; most will not oblige if you offered them excellent services.

If you see any landing page with no social proof, it often has low conversion rates.

Avoid robotic relationships

Understand that, afterall, you are dealing with human beings. They are not machines, and hence they have emotions. They are purchasing your products and services because they have needs and wants, which your product can fulfill.

So, when dealing with clients, go beyond robotic relationships. Give them a humane touch. Ask them how their day was. Ask them the challenges they are currently facing in their business.  

One of the reasons I like to close deals via a video call is to establish a more humane conversation with the client. That develops trust.  

In closing, just be yourself, plant your flag, be authentic, serve your clients and the rest will fall into place. 

Want to learn more tactics around building a powerful personal brand? Head over to the Wavemakers group and tap in with us!

One Love, 

Big Marv  


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