Building A Life Of Freedom For You And Your Family

A few years ago, I was tied to my desk all day long. I was working at Microsoft every day except on weekends. Work filled the larger part of my life. So, if I had 30 days in a month, I basically spent about 66% or even more of my time at work.

Traveling to and from work often took another 10%. The family took another huge chunk of it.

See where I’m going with this?

I was left with no time for myself. I didn’t have time to innovate, invest in myself, and do what I like (my hobbies and other interesting crafts). 

The weekends were planned many days before.  So, on Fridays, I could get off work, meet a couple of friends here and there, go home, and wake up to a whole busy weekend again.

That was a really boring life. I always looked forward to a day when I could have time in my hands to do what I want to do. I craved a life of freedom.

I know most people are still in this pattern of waking up, going to work, coming home, waiting for the weekend, going outings with friends, and then coming to work cursing Monday again.

Imagine a life where you are not tied to that desk to make money.

Seems like a dream for everyone right? 

It is.

That’s a life of freedom.

I’m talking about the following types of freedom:

Financial freedom: this type of freedom determines whether you will have the rest. It’s the one you need to pursue first. The earlier you do this when you are young, the better. You will have a lot of time and geographical freedom to enjoy.

Now I know most of you have had that time when you couldn’t afford that vacation, that car, that property, or that course you desperately yearned for, I know because I was there too. 

But suppose you could buy anything you want, go to any place you want, and buy any car you want? Safe to say most of us want that right? To be the G.O.A.T.!

That’s why you need to create multiple income streams of income. Let these streams be like a system that works for you and finance your freedom. Financial freedom is about being able to afford all that you need and want without working a day in your life.  

Geographical freedom: after getting finances, the next thing is living the life you have always wanted. Now that you have money and aren’t tied to your desk, why not travel the world?

Well, that’s exactly what most digital nomads do. You can rent an Airbnb in Hawaii, spend a few days there, travel southwards to Mexico, go to Switzerland and spend some time snow hiking. In the evening, check out your systems, talk with your VA and retire for the night.

You can literally have breakfast in Chicago, Lunch in Los Angeles, and Dinner in Hawaii with the family.  

Time freedom: Time freedom means you have all the time for yourself. I know that as the amount of work increases, we usually have less time for ourselves. It’s okay to work hard to establish systems. But after some time, you realize you need time freedom.

You need time to play the guitar, time to watch your favorite movie, and time with the family. If you can spend time doing all those things while still making money, then you can say you have achieved time freedom.  

How can you build a life of freedom?

Everybody desires to live life on their own terms, go to where they want to go, and work whenever they want. How can you begin building that life?

Check it out…

Invest in yourself

The most important thing to do at the very beginning of your journey is to invest in yourself. Everything you want to achieve will spring from within you. All the freedom you always envision, traveling and income streams will all come from inside you.

90% of living a life of freedom depends on how you train your mindset, the character you develop, the values you build, and the courage to pursue new goals. So, the most important thing is to invest in your mindset. Learn first before you can earn.

You can do this by taking courses, reading books, and researching a lot about what you don’t know. You can also join my Wavemakers program; we will take you through the stages until you achieve the life you want for yourself.   

Create multiple income streams

Now that you have the mindset to make money begin creating those streams of income. The moment you have multiple income streams, financial freedom sets in. financial freedom will create time and location freedom.

If you are working online, don’t just depend on a single source of income. You can be running an agency and dropshipping at the same time. You can also purchase multiple niche sites and let them make money for you.

There are different ways of making money. So, don’t rely on a single channel. Use one stream to create others. If you can have at least four online income streams, you are good to go.

Bring down your walls of self-protection:

One of the most notable hurdles to living a life of freedom is creating walls of self-protection around ourselves.

It helps to network and share ideas with others. Otherwise, how will you even begin thinking that a life of freedom is possible if you don’t get it from those in it?

If you do it as a group, you will achieve focus, determination, and a strong desire to achieve that which you want in life. If you do it alone, you will go fast but not far. So, realize that no man is an island and begin networking effectively.

You can achieve a life of freedom if you work hard for it, set your priorities straight, and never lose focus on what you want. So, begin today and don’t give up until the money is no longer a barrier to you. 

Start automating your business and building a life of freedom using my Dual Funnel System. Take your time back while simultaneously building a profitable business… sounds like a win-win to me. 

One Love, 

Big Marv


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