Looking Back For Growth

What’s good?!


Every 10 days you already know what it is by this point.. you’re going to look back at your journey since day 1 and reflect. What have you learned? Share wins but share your struggles as well. In fact, really open up about what’s NOT working. This is where the tribe you are building gets to be a contribution to YOU. This is where growth happens.


Don’t forget to ask others for feedback so you know what you overlook. Ask your tribe to help you grow, to contribute to YOU.


Hop into the Wavemakers with Big Marv group and let me know how your journey has been so far. 


As always, I provide a worksheet in my Personal Brand Blueprint to help make the process a little easier! Head over to https://www.bigmarvsblueprint.com/ to download a digital version of the Personal Brand Blueprint.


One Love,

Big Marv


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