[OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT] Changes To The Wave Makers Program

Hey guys,

I’ve been saying I had some big changes coming up, just needed to get some things in order before I made the official announcement. 

As of 8/3, Curtis AKA Dubblup is no longer a part of the Personal Brand Blueprint or the Wave Makers program.

When we started this journey together, we never envisioned it becoming my signature product but it has evolved to that.

After many conversations, we realized that we had two different demographics.

He’s perfect for the avatar that has an idea or a brand but they haven’t really created the personality or culture for the brand yet. He helps you curate your personal brand until it becomes your vision.

That’s exactly what happened here, Big Marv ended up being his success story. I took his ideas and concepts, then built a brand and automation around it. Now we call it the Wave Makers program.

With that, he is leaving us so he can focus on his tribe and curating more personal brands. Curtis has been working on an amazing new personal brand infrastructure that really dives deep on how to create your own brand from the ideas in your head.

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s dive into the changes coming this month.

I have partnered with Arewa Lanre to offer Big Marv Consulting under Brand Apex Media LLC.

I’m releasing a full course with funnels, email swipes, and ad data from all of the Wave Makers over the last 6 months. The membership site will change and evolve as I put this into place.

I’m releasing 4 more mini courses with all of the data I have collected over these last 6 months.

I will now be going LIVE in the Wave Makers group twice per week for them to have continued support with funnels, automation, and ads.

We will be doing a hot seat every month, this is where I hand pick a Wave Maker that is killing it and highlight them for the month. I will be giving away prizes to those that win the hot seat.

I have been working to build a rockstar team that will support all of the Wave Makers in their brand building ventures. No, they will not grant you access to their courses and services for free… but you all get special rates and prices for being in the group!

Here’s the team and what they do. 

Dubblup – Personal branding expert
Arewa Lanre – Brand Assets Developer/Graphic Designer
Sheri Allard – Project Manager
Ford Pastor – Virtual Assistant
Carlos Alvarez Martin – Copywriting and Email Automation
Akerekan Olakunle Michael – Developer
Brijesh Kumar – Intern studying directly under me to fulfill parts of my role
Hassan Choker – FB/IG Ad Expert
Daniels James – IG Growth Expert
Chris Stone – Video producer/editor
Heidi Anspaugh – Copywriting
Jeff Caldwell – Product Launch Expert
Cole Vandewoestyne – My personal copywriting coach
Zeky Ahmed – Building FB groups and hosting online summits
Kevin Liaks – My personal solo vendor

We are all here to help you MAKE WAVES! Post your questions in the group and feel free to reach out to these guys directly!

Here’s to the next chapter! I truly appreciate and love every one of you.

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One Love,
Big Marv


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