Why You Need A Dual Funnel System To Take Your Personal Brand To The Next Level

You understand the pain of missing a sale, right?

So, how are you fixing it?  

Before answering that, let’s get an understanding of the sales funnel stages. In simple terms, these are stages a new lead passes before converting into sales.

If you think about it, no customer purchases a product or service from you without trusting you first. So, they have to like your offer, trust you, and finally make that move of entering their credit card information.

It’s a mapped out journey that encompasses the following stages:

Awareness: You can achieve this by advertising your offer on social media, website, or paid traffic methods such as Facebook ads called top-of-funnel marketing techniques.

Interest: Once they are in your funnel, spur their interest by introducing a unique thing such as a discovery. It should hold their attention and make them go to stage three.    

Decision: They now have interest in your offer; how are you making them desire it? Since they need to make a decision, ensure they fully understand what they are getting and how it will help them. Paint a picture in their mind of the benefits they will get using your system.  

Action: The action stage is the last one. You have engaged with the lead and warmed them up. They are now ready to enter their credit card information.  

You see, the old way of doing all this takes time. You don’t have to text hundreds of people on Messenger or send cold emails to get things done. A sales funnel can do all the work for you on AUTOPILOT.  

What’s a sales funnel?

It’s a compilation of the steps that a new lead takes before converting into sales. The journey looks like a funnel because many leads get inside the funnel at the top, but only a few convert into sales hence the tapering end.

Several SaaS companies recently sprouted up  that allow you to create and manage a sales funnel for your product and services.

However, none have been able to automate all these processes fully. I will tell you why we had to find a solution to this.

But why do you need a funnel?

The most obvious reason is to close more sales. Any business strategy that isn’t bringing in leads and sales couldn’t be that popular amongst marketers.

What a sales funnel does is it connects all these stages into a seamless process optimized for conversion.

The end result is that you reduce your marketing cost, increase accountability for your sales, boost conversion rates, and grow your business.

And some of these platforms allow you to automate most of these processes. However, they still miss some critical aspects needed to run your business with less effort and maximum returns entirely.

So, that’s why I came up with the Dual Funnel System.

What’s a Dual Funnel System?

After working with tons of experts in the digital marketing space who promise to automate most of my everyday business processes, I often had to recreate the system to use it.

Yes, I don’t see them having a solution that integrates all the processes from lead acquisition to fulfillment. And since I’m the Automation King, I didn’t want to refer you to systems that didn’t deliver what we believe in as a brand.

A dual funnel is about establishing a system and a funnel that run in tandem to achieve your automation goals. It allows you to integrate all the sales funnel processes we talk about into one single platform that you can execute with ease.

I aim to ensure you have all you need to grow and automate your brand online. And since I don’t want capital to be the barrier to this, I often give all this information for free.

If you check out my YouTube channel, my private Facebook group, my content mapping template, and even the 100 days branding blueprint, they are all free.   


Here is an illustration of how a dual funnel works:

You will need different elements to achieve the automation goal. That includes a landing page, a lead magnet, email sequence depending on the lead, and traffic generation techniques.

Most of the time, you will need to separately purchase each of these elements. You will need an email provider, a landing page builder, squeeze pages, and other elements.

A dual funnel system gives you the skill to create all these. It’s based on the What’s Next principle and consists of a whole series of video training that walks you through techniques of generating leads online, the right way to follow up, close more leads, and build a powerful brand.

You see, this is all about automation. I talked about automation in the previous article. If you haven’t yet applied it in your business, then you are letting a ton of opportunities escape through the cracks. 

You see, automation saves you time, resources and literally improves the way you run your business. If you master the dual funnel system basics, you will be way ahead of your competitors and achieve more in a shorter time.

Here is why you need this system in your business

The whole idea of why we created the dual funnel system is to make the art of automation easy for you. It’s to help you grow your business faster.

When you install the system, you will save hours that you previously spent on other things. Since it’s all about automation, the system will take away some of the processes you are doing manually and automate them.

It will also allow easy and complete control over your business. I said earlier that it is based on the principle I used to create the The Automation G.O.A.T. The. It’s about joining two processes together through a system.

If you can connect these processes, you control your brand; that allows you to innovate and grow faster as a brand.

The system is simple. You will not find it hard figuring out how to implement it into your business. I didn’t want something that most of my students can’t even use. So, the system is up and running within just a few clicks.

So, what do you say now that the ball is in your court? Are you ready to blow up your brand in no time at all? Download The Dual Funnel System. It’s FREE.


One Love, 

Big Marv



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