Plant Your Flag, Claim Your G.O.A.T.-ness

We all had those instances where our self-confidence dimmed off, and we didn’t like where we were at in life.

That often happens when we start comparing ourselves with other people. It can be when talking with a friend and realize that he or she has achieved a lot more than you. It can be when in a group of ‘experts’ who like talking about their achievements.

As a result, we often put up self-protection walls to bar others from knowing the real us. These walls might help to preserve your sense of importance from escaping through the cracks, but they prevent you from establishing genuine, authentic relationships with the people in your circle.

Think about it; how many times do you think the best marketer you fancy failed before fate found them? It’s a lot. But when you fail for the first time, you label yourself a failure and hide this from people around you because you don’t want them to know your weaknesses.

The truth is, they would want to know the real you. They are also failing in their businesses in one way or the other. Your story will create a lasting relationship with them.

Here is my story

I often know that people are interconnected in one way or the other. If you ask me what knit us together? I would say it’s our differences. The fact that you can succeed in one thing that someone has failed and fail in something that another person succeeded in is what makes us unique.

If we were all similar, no one would want another person, right? Imagine if we all know how to market products online. That would cause a disorder because no one will serve or lead another.

So, the moment we realize that we all have a superpower, we literally change for the better. I hope you find your superpower because the sooner you do this, the better.

We are not always perfect

I didn’t always know what I wanted out of my online business. I wasn’t always Big Marv. Many years ago, I was a Microsoft employee working hard to get a promotion and make my bosses happy. However, I wasn’t happy myself.

When starting out my journey, I had moments when I was embarrassed to let people see my failures since I was literally green in most of the things back then.

There were days when I wasn’t confident about the whole process and thought of giving up. I know how heartbreaking it can be when you see people in your circle making five or six figures while you are still tarmacking.

Those were days when you didn’t want to comment on anything on Facebook for fear of being discovered that you literally don’t know a lot. Many other cases helped change my career over time. However, I can now confidently say I did it.

But right now, people only see me as Big Marv, the Automation King. They don’t see the three times I burned up and collapsed and had to get up after building the business to six figures. They neither see the 60,000 dollars I burned trying to hone in and perfect my craft.

There are a few things you will enjoy by being yourself:

You learn to establish boundaries     

If you master this art of knowing who you are, you will understand where to begin and where to stop. You will not try to force things  because you know what you can and can’t do.

With the boundaries, you will learn to be happy in your own skin and appreciate that. We indeed need freedom, but have you ever realized that where your freedom ends is where another person’s freedom begins?

Well, it’s true, no matter how free we are, there will always be what you can and can’t do. There will always be your superpower. By becoming true to yourself, you can focus on what you can do and leave what you cannot do to others.

You find focus and direction in life

It’s by knowing why you are that your life begins to shine. You will know where you are going and the course to take. Yes, you will be the captain of your ship.

Knowing your strength will also give you focus. I can tell you for sure that you can achieve more with ultimate focus. Yes, people will make a kill for what you can offer since you focused intensely on that and mastered it all.

I always focus on what I can do and hire others to do what I can’t. My mantra is if I delegate, I elevate. I have managed to grow my brand faster and attain life goals I never thought I could reach with focus.

You build your values and live in consistent with them

A life without values and codes of conduct isn’t desirable, is it? No. So, there will always be a holistic approach to how you do things in building your brand.

You don’t like some business processes because they are not in line with your core values as a human being.

If you find anybody online that runs a business, which disregards your core values, it would be easy to dispel him or her. These values make your life purposeful as a human being and contribute towards your wellbeing and happiness. 

You build courage

If you know who you are and what you stand for, you won’t be afraid to comment on what you think is right or wrong. You won’t be afraid to partake in discussions that matter to you.

You develop courage by mastering your fears. Fears come from not knowing the possible outcome of something. But once you search your heart and understand what you can and can’t do, fear will fade away.

Did I tell you about how I had to fight fear most of the time when I was starting out? Well, I know it also takes a toll on you sometimes.

Whichever the case, remember that your customers want to connect with the real you. If you hide behind those walls, you will never find out your superpower and hence grow a powerful brand.

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One Love, 

Big Marv


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